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By  Shadic  |  0

"Hurr hurr, Women can't drive."

Okay, now let's have real comments.

Mine was the same, until I finally did, under the assumption that if I crashed, there was no sympathy for monetary damage.

  Nikiebear226  |  0

Most Women actually can drive, it's just a stupid stereotype that they can't, I know that my 17 year old sister has NEVER crashed, or gotten a speeding ticket, or any type of ticket at all.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Good 'ol fashion racism. Thank you, Zucchi.

When you're done acting cute, go look up the road fatalities per capita and then try to explain to me how Russia is a third world country.


#80 Go look up racism in a dictionary! Not only is American not a race, I didn't even make a prejudiced statement as I can support it with numbers.

If you're saying that doing better than Russia in those statistics is a good performance and makes you feel safe that's up to you. If you want to compare the level of development of the US with that of Russia, again, that's your call.


Seriously?.. Pardon my ignorance, but when I picture third world countries, I don't imagine many roads or cars.. I don't quite know how they could have more car crashes than "developed" countries like America.. Oh well..
You learn something new everyday..

  landland  |  0

I'm not saying that women can't drive is a fact but stereotypes are there for a reason and obviously it means quite a few women can't drive...and if your gonna get offended then leave the 1990s and come to 2010...I hear people say Asians can't drive all the I don't deny it but I know can drive better than most people on the road that I've seen

  KennyBen  |  14

He's not to stupid I live in Minnesota and this year there was a couple of feet in April and a couple of years ago it barley reached a foot or two.

  luckyducky123  |  0

Well how are you going to learn? Even if your good at driving during normal summer conditions but you've never driven during the winter, you're still going to be inexperienced. She should still be allowed to drive in snow just not too much at a time and on roads that aren't horrible or that don't have a ton of traffic.

  flippingbunny  |  0

She should have an experienced driver take her to a parking lot, or somewhere similar, with no cars. There she can learn how it feels to drive on snow and ice and how to control her car. She needs to get her experience in a place where she isnt endangering others because she has no idea what its like. Chances are this is her first year driving, otherwise she would have run into this problem last year. First year, young, drivers arent experienced or knowledgeable enough to drive in snowy icy conditions (I say this as a relatively young driver). That doesnt mean shes a bad driver, or cant drive in snow, its the other drivers that her mom may be worried about.
There was a recent snow storm where I live now, there were several accidents and traffic backed up for hours, mostly because poor driving and people being out on the roads when it wasnt necessary. So again, I agree with the mom, stay off the roads!!!

  phantomdonut  |  0

I agree. I live in NY and commuted to college, so I HAD to know. My dad took me out in the very first snowstorm we had after I got my license. We used my car so I'd know exactly how it handled. We drove around the back roads to get a feel for the snow, then over to a parking lot so I could learn how skidding happens and how to steer out of it. Then we went out on the highway I'd be on driving to school so I'd be comfortable with that. I've since moved even further north and have never had a problem driving in the snow. Dad wins. That said, if it's too bad out - stay inside! My little car has - by necessity - made it through a foot of unplowed snow on an unpaved road, but that doesn't mean I'll purposely go out in that kind of weather. Be smart! DDDS - Don't Do Dumb Stuff!

By  Seventytimeseven  |  0

Don't worry too much about it just yet, I was barely allowed to drive the 1st winter I had my license either, I'd bet that she will let you drive it next year unless it's a white out or glare ice cause if you're just learning this as a Minnesota kid I'm assuming that you're fairly new to driving and it truly is a bitch to drive in the snow without ABS and 4 wheel drive

By  npk88  |  0

Your parents are shouldn't drive in the snow as an inexperienced diver. Prover yourself a skilled and responsible driver this spring and summer and maybe next year you'll be able to drive in the snow.