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Today, my mother yelled at me, telling me I'm irresponsible and lecturing me on how I need to "plan ahead like an adult." All because I asked to borrow a tampon. FML
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ducksgurl tells us more.

For all of you wondering about the "borrowing" part, no I was not planning on actually giving it back. But asking to borrow something seems much more polite than demanding someone to give you something. On another note, I think this was just my mother's breaking point. We do have a very strained relationship and had actually been arguing all morning. I just thought it was funny that this was the thing she chose to snap on me for. Much love, thanks guys!

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Next month, hide all of her products a few hours or days before and see if she asks the same of you. If she does, repeat the same thing she said to you, she'll get it, and won't say anything like that again. Good luck op.


Next month, hide all of her products a few hours or days before and see if she asks the same of you. If she does, repeat the same thing she said to you, she'll get it, and won't say anything like that again. Good luck op.

I probably wouldnt work if she yelled at her in the first place

If she yelled at her for asking for a tampon, I'll probably make it worse if OP hides them.

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Some people don't have nice predictably clockwork ****** rain, #65.

Lol I'm gonna start using the phrase ****** rain now...

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65, I can have my period for a week, it stop for 3 days then be back at the end of those 3 days. it can hit at any time and you never know

Don't want to be a dick about this, but especially if you have irregular periods it seems important to me to make sure you have tampons (or pads or a mooncup or whatever) with you at all time. That being said, yelling about someone asking a tampon is quite ridiculous.

Contrary to popular belief, menstruation does not make women irrational. It just lowers our threshold of how much annoyance we'll take before speaking up about it because we're tired and in pain. When men are tired and in pain they also get a bit grumpy, but no one calls them "irrational" because double standards. Men just love to declare any expression of female discontentment "irrational." Some women (3-8%) do suffer from Premenstrual dysphoric disorder that causes mood swings, but the mood swings happen before menstruation, not during. In short, if the OP's mother is acting irrational, it's probably her own individual thing and has nothing to do with universal female experiences. Don't use menstruation as an excuse to gaslight people.

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#21 Please don't use an anecdotal, humorous website, to push your own political agenda. Humor is subjective, so if you find a joke ignorant, just thumb down the comment. We don't need socio-political walls of text.

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#21 I'm a woman and don't believe it's a double-standard that men think women get "irrational" (even though no one said that?) men don't get periods and therefore have never experienced what they're like, nor how they can change a woman (i.e anger due to pains and cramps). I find it a bit ridiculous how some feminists will turn any inexperienced statement into an argument on gender.

Funny how pointing out factual inaccuracies suddenly becomes political if the facts in question are in regard to how female bodies work.

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41, if YOU'RE going to insult someone, at least use proper grammar.

larrena2377 26

42, why did you just down vote that comment then?

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#54 You do understand that a political subject, isn't limited to a governmental context right? A political agenda can pertain to public affairs.

21, fact or not, the period symptoms are causing the woman to have a shorter fuse, be irritable, grumpy (etc.) so it's normal to blame the situation (the period) as the cause of the grumpiness. The fact is, a lot of women get grumpy and more irritable during their period (whatever the cause may be). And if every male had a cold every month which caused them to be irritable and grumpy, then we would say "wow he must have his cold" if he snaps or acts extra grumpy. We'd probably even say "someone needs a tissue." It's not a double standard, it just so happens that men don't have a monthly cold (or some other type of period equivalent) that makes them extra irritable, grumpy and short fused. Let's not make this into a double standard or sexist thing when it's not.

Ok, so what about when that's the standard explanation for any woman being upset, regardless of whether or not she is on her period? It invalidates her feelings by making out like they're less real/important for reasons that most the time aren't even true.

Well, I'd probably react weird too if someone asked to "borrow" one. I don't want it back!

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Was thinking the same thing haha

Well damn, that whole statement is ironic considering she's the one acting inmature.

Don't apologize to them. They need to learn that people sometime make mistakes or that fingers sometimes slip on the rink keyboards. Lol.

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Well she seems sort of crazy... Those things happen and things can be unexpected! Maybe it was a joke?

I'm just wondering how "borrowing" a tampon would work..."okay I'm finished with it, you can have it back now"

The same way you would do when you borrow money, you repay it or in this case replace it. Because if I am correct when you "borrow" money you aren't returning the exact same bill you took in the first place.

I think it's a thing people do to come across as more polite. "Can I have a thing of yours" can come across as too direct. The proper polite way to say it is "Could I please have a thing of yours" but "Borrow" makes the taking seem less permanent. Besides, if one is used to hearing "borrow" said for every request, as it is super common, eventually it becomes a habit regardless of how long one is keeping the thing.

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Since you asked to borrow it let her have it back when you're done with it :)

Exactly what to do when your mother gives you something you need.

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Well women living together do tend to synchronise, maybe she's on her period too and is having trouble dealing with her hormones!