By Anonymous - 22/05/2013 17:10 - United States - Pomona

Today, my mom took me to a bar to cheer me up after being dumped. Two cute guys around my age kept looking over at us the whole night. When I told my mom, she said she was going to get them to come talk to me. Instead, she ended up leaving with both of them. FML
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Wizardo 33

Woah, mom got game. Go mom!

Poppy8127 15

Moms are the best.


Poppy8127 15

Moms are the best.

I said the exact same thing you did on a separate FML as comment #1. I still agree, moms are the best.

Not much of a wing-woman though

She's her own wingwoman!

#1, apparently the guys at the bar thought so too. ;)

tjv3 10

Gross that means that you mom left you so she could get double teamed. Sorry OP

#55, youdontsay.jpg

Wait...both? Just wow

Wizardo 33

Woah, mom got game. Go mom!

XDsmileyDX_fml 24


DKjazz 20

There were two guys, so that's Mother We'd Like to Fuck, or MWLF. Time to brush up on welsh pronunciation, guys.

TheDrifter 23

Smooth. Do you remember what she did and said? Do that, it obviously works.

euphoricness 28

She offered a bj Instant game!

DyslexicPanda 12

She was just leading by example.

Twat swatted..... That sucks Op!

Twat swatted is a new one to me. I always thought beaver damn was the female equivalent of **** block.

I'm partial to vajected and snatch latched.

Those are new to me! I'll keep those in mind for when the situation arises!


Wow OP. At least now you know not to trust her with your possible love life opportunities.

perdix 29

Wait until you grow up. You'll be a hot cougar scoring threesomes!

Harmell 7

Is your name Stacy, because your mom has obviously got it going on!

Doesn't seem like those guys had to wait for too long though. ;)

they know it might be wrong, but they're in love with Stacys 's mom

olpally 32

Your moms a selfish bitch, she tried to do something nice and just left you there. Unbelievable. Can't even give you one guy, bad mom!

perdix 29

#9, maybe she's taking them for a test-drive to make sure they are worthy of her daughter. A good wingman is always ready to take two for the team!

olpally 32

She better give excellent road head if that's what you mean by test driving them, perdix... she better come back with good results! ;)

perdix 29

Poor Stacey! Sorry you're drinking alone.

You are never alone when Jack is near.

She was just being a good mum and making sure they were suitable for you. I mean she must have been done it before? Have you ever noticed your mum or any of your ex-boyfriends particularly close?