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By  atradr  |  8

These captioned photos are always the worst recycled jokes. They rarely even make any sense at all to apply it to a real experience. Please stop

  gladlily  |  16

So just ignore them if you don't like them. They're trying something new. It's not like they stopped publishing all written fmls and switched completely to photo captions.

  qteabutt  |  12

Yeah, when they introduced the photo section, I was thinking it would be users uploading their own FML on a picture, which would be better but this is kinda wasteful.

  Zanquis  |  22

i agree they are almost always the worst jokes on the internet, but the worst part is that there is no real voting, only: "I agree that was well spotted" there is no alternative to say: "Omg, that caption is so bad u should be ashamed" luckily the Staff now announce the names of who ever came up with the least worse caption (makes you wonder how bad the rest would be) so that person is now shamed for ever on the FML site..

  veenarm  |  8

yeah, cause that's what everyone's goal should be to shame people for having a go and a laugh. good thing everything in life is open to interpretation...