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By  Justin Parker  |  11

I've been with my wife for over a decade. the thing I've learned is you will pretty much always end up watching whatever she wants. luckily tennis being seasonal limits how long you have to deal with it. ultimately if it's that big of a problem just don't watch it with her, and if she insists on you being there then you can do something else while tennis is on like read a book

By  jobekka  |  17

it's nice that she wants to share something she's excited about with you. why not try to find something that excited you about tennis, and if nothing else make it a drinking event ;)

By  Suzi_d16  |  26

My husband is Swiss. Last Friday was my birthday. Switzerland had a football match at 5pm on my birthday. I love my husband so I was fine with him watching it. Get over it. It’s just a bit of tennis. No one says you have to watch it too. Go spend some time doing your own thing and then do something together when it’s over.