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How did you manage graze so many things at the same time? Lol.

Suck it up! Be a man! Rub some dirt in it!!!


That's what you get for being green.

ok. that's gotta hurt

damn that suxxxx :( feel better man

Obviously OP ydi for being stupid enough to get so many injuries from a bike

wow, I seriously just did like the same thing without the nettle thing

ouch .. feel better!

Should have hopped on your bike and ridden off, the nettles were mocking you

OP I feel you're pain. one day I was riding my bike around my neighbor. last time I remember was seeing my house while I was turning(I think) then black-out. I woke up crying and hearing all the neighborhood kids ,surrounding me, talking and asking if I was okay. I wasn't. I walked to my house and saw myself in the mirror with scrapes and cuts all over my face, knees, elbows and stomach. a couple of days later everyone told me, I flipped while still on the bike. somehow the landed alittle on my head which turned off all lights. I'm okay now. no more scars except one on my eyelid which makes me look evil. lol sad thing…I lost some of my memory because of that accident. OH! I was 9 when this happened. :) hope you feel better soon, OP. <3

*neighborhood the bike landed

71 oh eww ouch ahahah that really sux >.<

haha I did somethin like this. my bike chain broke when I was goin down a hill. it was noo fun i'm sorry OP.

I wonder why the OP wouldn't put his/her arms out in front of themselves. Maybe he/she thought going face-first would make for a softer landing?

that story is epic

71 I remember avatar last airbender when I was a kid zuko had scar on his eye it really did make him look evil I'm only remembering this cuz ok movie many special effects it looked cool

and then pucca kissed Garu.

wow that ain't to bad I've been attacked by a bear as a kid..... I thought it was going to cuddle me:(:(:( but I guess it didn't. (FYI I live on a mountin side with 150 acres of property and not in the city)

well 134 of course she did doesn't she allways xD

You grazed your collar bone? But yeah fyl op that sucks >.<

WTF is nettles?

ahhhh nettles suck they used to attack me when I lived on my aunts farm in England

something like that happened to me except I was sledding down a really steep hill at night so I didn't see the 'snow' was hard ice so I went flying and hit a bump at the bottom and flew off and my whole face, hands, and hip was numb and i had huge cuts and scabs everywheree for over a week and almost broke my nose, never will I go sledding again haha.. but I feel your pain OP

yeah idk either....

at least u lived.....samething happened to me but i died

it seems that the nettles have made the milk come out from inside my teat

maybe you shouldn't ride a bike?

no way all tht shit happened to you just by falling off ur bike

if you suck that much at riding a bike you should wear protection. in your case probably a big plastic bubble

Because they intended to and all..

I hope you're okay.

me too hope you get better fast

Psh! I say YDI for misusing "graze."

That's interesting. Every dictionary I've ever consulted on that one has said "graze" is for an accidental bump that is far less severe than something that breaks the skin (but instead skims across the surface).

pendatik: That's roughly how I would define it too, depending on context. For example, "The bullet grazed his arm. He was lucky to only need stitches."

awe! that's horrible yu got your face too! I did the same thing but I had to go to the hospital but I have horrid scars from it all.

haha oh they are bad. on my shoulder all up both my arms along with my hip and both hands and my head.

All from falling off of a bike..?

yeahh it was really bad. I flew over the handle bars. I'm surprised I didn't land on my face!

I hope all of that didn't happen to you because you were trying to dodge an animal or something.

Did you make an abrupt stop causing you to fly over?

haha no I was going down a hill and I had the brakes on the whole time because it was so fast and I hit a bump and I was in the air and still holding both brakes and landed and flipped right over! haha

Sounds very painful. I once flew off my bike when making a sharp turn.

Aha, you laugh about it yet ended up in the hospital. Funny mental image though. :P

it is kinda funny because I'm now terrified of bikes and it was just overall stupid how it happened. :p

I remember the first day I learned to ride a bike with no hands, I face-planted into the road because my front wheel went sideways. I still can't laugh about that to this day. :/

60, how did you manage to do that? The handle bar controls the first wheel which means you must have moved it.

haha awe!! that's so sad. I hate bikes now but I donno maybe it's funny cuz It was last 4 20 and I don't smoke weed and my friend convinced me to and then took me for a stupid bike ride :p

Goof, I didn't touch the handlebars at all. I guess my weight shifted a weird way and the wheel just turned. Not too sure, but it hurt. #63 - Lol, that explains it. Don't ride bikes down hills when you're baked. :p

68, sounds like it did. The first time I learnt to use a bike (motorcycle) I ran straight into a car and flipped onto the hood of the car. It was painful.

Lulz. I did something similar otbg, but on a bicycle. I hit the back of a Domino's pizza delivery car with my face, then slid underneath it. Luckily it stopped moving just before that. My upper lip swelled out past my nose because my teeth went through like 80% of my lip. O_o

lol, when I was about 8 years old I was riding my bike. I went to go turn around, and my handlebars just completely came unscrewed and fell off. so I just sorta was riding, then all of a sudden stop and fall over. it wasn't really funny at the time, but it's pretty funny now :)

How did you manage graze so many things at the same time? Lol.

it happens, I did that when I was like 12. the chain broke off so I couldn't break and I was going down hill and flew off and the worst part was I was camping so it was pretty dirty and not a lot of medical supplies. I was scraped up pretty bad since I missed the grass and went rolling down the pavement.

Strike me down if i'm being stupid.. But: I'm pretty sure the brakes don't rely on the chain.

don't worry you won't be struck down, they rely on completely different things, she just can't ride a bike

happens ;( fyl

Suck it up! Be a man! Rub some dirt in it!!!

For those of you who thumbed this down, you missed the she's the man reference!

that sucks almost as bad as my prince Albert getting hung up today I thought I ripped it out lol

lmao ignorance apparently you do or you would not have wasted the time to comment :) just sayin dumb ass

her saying that is like an annoying person telling you something stupid and you reply with "I don't care". so when I tell people I don't really means i do care?

why even comment something like that ?

I have found on here people that take the time to make a reply have some reason to reply, otherwise she would have just made her comment on the ops fml and not wasted time to tell me she didn't care about it. because think about it if she truly did not give a rats ass about it she would have just rolled her eyes about my comment and went on about her life....................

good point Albert.

well 27 ask others why they keep commenting that they have had similar........ if you think about it it fits the subject large piece of metal causing a substantial amount of pain ;) and beyond that who gives a rats ass what you think I have yet to see guidelines telling me I can't comment something like that, but hey maybe you will get lucky and my comment will be scrubbed :*

Look what you started, Ignorance.

that's why she did it. she's good at what she does.

oh she doesn't affect me I'm sorry if she thought she would but the last shit I took had more wit than her comment :) not much bothers me nor could it I laid on a table while someone shoved an 8 gauge needle through my dick. she doesn't have enough stones to get under my skin

you keep bringing it up though. you could just roll your eyes and go on with your life. but a needle thru a penis...I'm a girl and that makes me shudder.

lol oh I forgot that fml was the new English class how stupid of me to not care about punctuation and grammar on the net wow how fucking stupid of me lol............... nice fail ignorance your sn seems very fitting

purple it wasn't bad at all actually and I love the aftermath and so does every women who has had it :) which was the whole point of it ;)

purple it actually was bot bad at all and the aftermath was well worth the few minutes of discomfort, I love it and so has every woman that has had it ;).............. and ignorance won't roll her eyes and move on because she can't deep down the thought of that intrigues her but she can't just admit that because that would be below her pretentious ass so she will try to belittle me to make herself feel special.

damn fml comment bug is irritating me tonight lol

You're wrong, 76. The reason why people like Ignorance and myself find the need to inform you of your blatant stupidity and annoying comment is because, if stupid people were not informed of their stupidity on a regular basis, our world would be in ruins. This world is a better place, because the intelligent, beautiful, witty and overall spectacular people, put the losers in their place. :) I hope that helps.

lol wow what spectacular wisdom from a spectacular moron, anyone who holds themselves on such a high pedestal is 9 times out of 10 nowhere near what they are trying to claim and come on really you feel like by putting someone down on the Internet makes you a spectacular person????? I feel really sorry for you then and I would sit down to an iq or aptitude test with either one of you morons any day of the week without a stitch of worry this is the Internet the sooner you figure that out the sooner you can dump your yahoo, myspace, Facebook and twitter boyfriend/girlfriend and move out of your mommys basement and get a real life :) just saying

it's rare to find witty, intelligent, beautiful, and overall spectacular people though...

damn comment gremlins I'm not rewriting my last comment not worth my time to argue wit a basement dweller :) the one thing I will add into this statement is if I have misspelled any word please by all means point it out and beyond that show me one time I have used the words "dis" or "dat" as you so eloquently accused me of???????

You made a mistake on comment 61. :]

now the original comment posts lol and what was the mistake on 61? not arguing I'm tired and not seeing one, unless you are talking about wit thinking I meant with?

and when you replied to me somewhere up there, you said BOT instead of NOT. :) it's true. I really have had no problems understanding what you've been saying though.

oops dang itouch keyboard lol sorry about that bit thank you I didn't think I was that hard to understand :)

damn and but btw not bit wow now I'm making a lot of spelling errors I better watch out ffml might be grading my proficiency uh oh lol

Ignorance - your comment #64 is quite ironic. You speak of proper spelling, yet spell punctuation wrong. FFML - your comment #88 is also quite ironic, as you improperly used "than" instead of the correct word "then". Also, "I for one," is incorrect, it is actually "I, for one,". I don't care about people making minor grammatical/spelling/punc*t*uation errors, but I just wanted to point out the irony to you 2.

115 that is too good, way to knock them off their holier than thou pedestal

You must be new to this site. Being corrected doesn't bother me. I've stated many times that I don't mind being correct. I welcome it. :]

problem is you aren't correct, you are being correct*ed*.

Your spelling isn't awful, but holy run-on sentences, Prince Albert! O.O The problem with neglecting punctuation is that doing so makes your comments more difficult to understand. You risk losing any valid points among less important words and phrases. If you don't want your opinions to be taken seriously, don't bother with grammar. Just don't be surprised when people don't give any weight to what you say in response. By the way, I was quite amused that you called FFML out for being self-important, right after implying that Ignorance's continued responses are rooted in a subconscious fascination with your dick. Pot, meet Kettle.

That was quite obviously a typo. :P

That is what happens when obese people ride bikes, poor bike:(

your just the little sweetheart aren't yeah?

I think he's on a fat hating kick. he yelled at someone else for being fat in another fml.

props to obese people riding bikes cuz they are getting exercise which is a good thing no?

how do yu know that they are fat? it'd kind of a rude asumption.

Hollywood undead is amazing and you're a fat bitch. And OP FYL

so Hollywood undead would be the love child of those 2 bands? given bands could breed of course...

Hollywood undead is nothing close to linkin park or slipknot. hollywood undead is linked with crap like brokencyde.

that doesn't help me since I have never heard of that last band. I'm gonna google them.

here's to hoping an obese person sits on you!

here's to hoping an obese person sits on you!

That must have been some bike ride you had. You fall down a steep hill full of jagged rocks or something?

Or down a hill.

Well that's basically what I said, but I added more danger to it. :P

But a hill alone would come out with the same conclusion. A hill with jagged rocks would cause more pain. More broken bones as well.

Bleh, way to dissect my whole comment... :/

False hope on what?

That's what I was wondering. Precious doesn't give false hope. She's a truth speaker like me. :P

#80 - What are you talking about..?

Timmy, it's why I put the question mark. I was insinuating that I wasn't sorry but maybe that's what he wanted to hear. Aria, you are correct. I dislike sneaky people who go behind someone else's back.

Eh, doesn't matter much either way. I prefer there were jagged rocks in this scenario. :]

They're just horrid, aren't they Aria? What's even worse is when they're caught and they still act like they're not and attempt to continue sneaking around. It frustrates me to no end.

95, you made a mistake on #61. With*. Run on sentences FTW!

Sometimes I really do hate the comment bug, especially when they make comments disappear. Who's the real #95? :l

bad luck?