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Ma'boy, you have yee self a hobro there do ya? I don't know why that came out with a pirate voice in my head, but I had to type it that way. Well, anyways, happy leaf erikson day! Hin ga din ga din

  kissiy6  |  15

Just because he's family doesn't mean OP needs to give him money or bring him home!
He may have treated OP and family horribly when he lived at home. He may not be safe for OP to bring home!

  mvems  |  13

I'm sorry this is so irrelevant but it's really bugging me so im going to tell you. Nirvana is one of my favorite bands as well, but that quote from Kurts suicide note in your picture isn't his own quote, it's David Bowie. Thought you should know so you don't misquote him.


31, his Love, Courtney quoted him in one of her songs with Hole. it's great to be a really dedicated fan, but doesn't give you the right to go around treating others as if they are inferior to your own (perceived) status as a fan. a LOT of poems/lyrics have used that line - including cobain himself. I dedicated a track mark to him everyday! doesn't mean I give kids wearing the T-shirts from hot topic grief.

By  EyeCeYu  |  7

Could you bring him home and try to help him out money wise? If he's desperate enough to stop people and rob/ask for money i'm sure anything you could do to help him woukd be taken gladly.


I don't think OP's brother one day thought to himself, "Y'know, I think I'm gonna run away today." There isn't enough information provided in this FML to tell us more about OP's life, but you never know the reason why he ran away. Maybe he was trying to escape from someone/somebody was after him and he had no choice but to leave?

I wouldn't recommend bringing him back home, but I think OP should at least take him somewhere safe so he can get the help he needs! :')