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Today, a guy came by my house and demanded my fiancé come out and fight. He explained that my fiancé had been stupid enough to not only troll on a local interest forum, but to leave his name and our address, inviting people to "come shut me up if you think you're tough enough." FML
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  Krajjan  |  9

It's one thing when you pick a fight with people you know. It's completely different when you put an invitation out for any angry bastard with a bomb to come kill your family. Not worth it.

  downtime  |  12

3, Theres a reason people find fighting to be stupid. Actually trying to organise one over an argument online is even more pathetic. He may be able to stand behind his words, but it doesn't redeem the fact that hes a complete idiot.
YDI. Theres no way someone that stupid wouldn't show signs earlier on. Don't accept marriage proposals from braindead losers.

  fcukU30to1  |  2

I never said that he was smart for doing it. I do agree fighting is stupid for the most part, but sometimes is needed when simple logic can't be comprehended.

  downtime  |  12

140, Simple logic can't be comprehended, I know, I'll start smaking my fist into this guys face!
I don't think the listener is the only one failing simple logic here. A logical person just walks away, a mentally stunted douchebag turns it into a physical argument.

  flyskya  |  1

-114 the nerd. District 12 did get blown up. But they survived ans is now living underground. District 12 still exists under all the ashes. They live on a very tight schedule for everyday and they limit everyone's food to what they need, not more and not less.

  cali4eva  |  12

SPOILER ALERT! But You are also incorrect, because after the war they rebuilt district 12. It's where Katniss, Peeta, and their children currently live.

  TexasJosh  |  0

To fight and protect them? Thats fine if someone is messing with her, but when its some online bs thats nothing near the same thing.

People get all worked up because of what a stranger on the internet says. Not really worth fighting about. It takes a bigger man to keep his cool then it does to act a fool and fight about everything because your feelings are hurt. Boys get worked up. A man tries to avoid a fight if possible.