By Anonymous - 30/08/2020 02:01

Today, my brother-in-law still insists on referring to me as "his brother's wife" and tells everyone I'm not his "sister-in-law." I've been married to his brother for 10 years. FML
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"This is Steve, he's a dick my husband is related to."

So refer to him as the asshole-inlaw🤣


So refer to him as the asshole-inlaw🤣

It's a weird term when you think about it. If you became his sister by marriage, then you and his brother are committing incest. At least someone thinks about some of the oddities of the English language.

Kristoffer 35

Maybe he thinks siblings in law are only the siblings of a person's spouse? Which makes him your brother-in-law but not you his sister-in-law. It's wrong, but understandable.

"This is Steve, he's a dick my husband is related to."

So has brother talked to brother about his words?

voodoo66 5

so what? you watched 7th heaven too many times... marrying someone doesn't mean marrying her/his whole family

Jillian Cosby-Kelly 15

your man needs to handle this. I'm in almost the exact same situation, except I haven't married the guy yet. monster-in-laws SUCK

galvinizd 7

so do sister in laws who don't.

rotflqtms_ 21

You can't really control what a person says or thinks of you. At least he acknowledges that you're married to his brother. How he chooses to acknowledge it is up to him. if he doesn't want to add a new sister to his words, at the end of the day, it's his mouth and you can't police it, so live with it and get over it. At least he isn't insulting you or swearing at you or yelling at you.

sounds like he aint a fan of you op....thats what I call ny father's wife....exactly... sorry OP!

galvinizd 7

Don't give him a BJ, because you will earn another "brothers" title.