By SwedishBozo - 15/03/2009 01:30 - United States

Today, my family and I were at a restaurant. We're Swedish and love talking about people in our language because no one ever understands here. I decided to comment about how ugly the girl at the next table was. She turned around and goes "Dra åt helvete." That's Swedish for "Go to hell." FML
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that's what you get for trying to be smart

I did that before when someone thought they were being clever talking mess about me in Spanish. It's a good way to knock someone down a peg.


that's what you get for trying to be smart

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agreed. and I say FYL not because u feel bad for you but because you're a smartass

that's what you get for being ignorant, and stupid! congrats dumba$$

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Agreed! YDI for being a bitch.

Actually, it's what she gets for being arrogant. Sure, she was ignorant of the language the girl could speak, but how often do we check with strangers about their linguistic abilities (in regular circumstances)? No, she was flat-out arrogant for assuming that the target of her cruelty didn't speak the same languages.

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289... are you just asking to be graped?

YDI I can't stand when people have the ability to speak the language of the country they are in but decide not to.

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hey tell your ****** family to not make fun of people. especially behind some random persons back.

Agreed. People who speak foreign languages seem to do that a lot because they think no one understands. This situation happens often, it appears.

356 - I can understand that you dislike and don't agree with the situation but there is no need to stereotype multiple races , Americans aren't perfect either .

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You should've known. Everyone in Massachusetts speaks Swedish.

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Hi guys, I figured I'd add my two cents here. OP lives fairly close to me, although I'm about fifty miles south of her. For those who don't live in New England, the most commonly languages spoken outside of English are Italian, Spanish, oriental Asian languages, and Swedish. I'm one of those who also happens to be fluent in Swedish, even though I was born and raised in Rhode Island, but I am part-Swedish and am able to translate everything that I hear and see between Swedish and English. OP most definitely deserves it for assuming that she wouldn't be understood by anybody else. Depending on how close she and her family was dining to the border between our states, they may have been somewhat surrounded by the Swedish. So, I hope that helps with some context.

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What would make you think that? And **** the girls life OP, you probably made her feel like shit.

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exactly. him and his whole family are all aholes

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Took the words right out of my mouth!!! OP, You got pwnd by Karma BIOTCH! Haha YDI fucktard!

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agree. YDI Like you're perfect? puh-leeze

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there's no reason to have long ass rant; this is FML a total of 5 people might actually what you have to say

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Ooh OP! Put cold water on area of BURNNNN

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I think that your the prick. It was his opinion and he didn't want to tell her so it's not wrong. Plus your comment was way meaner than what he said. So your worse than him.

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Would you like some aloe vera? You just got BURNED.

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Took the words right outta my mouth!

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woah calm it, everyone judges peoples appearances - just not everyone says it aloud

You need to calm down, everyone judges people's appearances, it's sad but it's the truth. Calling OP terrible names and assuming the worst of OP makes you just as bad.

Everyone makes judgements, of course, but making assumptions are terrible. And in this case, op was trying to secretly make fun of her. There's no way she isn't a complete bitch.

I did that before when someone thought they were being clever talking mess about me in Spanish. It's a good way to knock someone down a peg.

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do you like being called "UGLY" in a different language in a different country.? It's like someone said bitch to you face to face.. I know what you mean in your comment..but geez grow up..

how do yoou know there Swedish?? they could be american and just speak swedish

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just because the speak Swedish, doesn't mean they are swedish, dumbass. like me, just because I'm swedish doesn't mean I can speak Swedish

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same I'm Swedish living in England I only know a few words

364 - WTF? What exactly does your commdnt mean,

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No idea why, but I died of laughter.

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373- I'm pretty sure 364 was referencing the movie Mean Girls, (I could be wrong though)

382 no you have it. thats when cady was tricking regina with the calteen bars.

I'm from Norway. So I know pretty good Swedish! :)

this has absolutely nothing to do with the fml (which i think was clearly your fault) but i have a question: is å also a swedish letter? i live in denmark (dont know danish though) and i thought in swedish it was like this: ä

nvm, was said later on in the comments...

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å and ä are both swedish letters.

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fyi: danish and norwegian alphabets are abc...xyzæøå, swedish and finnish are abc...xyzäöå, æ is effectively the same as ä, ø is the same as ö...

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There are 3 different letters in swedish åöä danish has åæø

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I think you got what you deserved. Now you know not to talk smack on people, it shouldn't matter what language it's in.

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So 3*, lemme get this straight... You think it's alright for someone to insult you in another language that you happen to know? And that they shouldn't be seen as a rude person?

EditL Gah I ment #8. I would have edited it, but my computers loves to play freeze up and piss someone off whenever I wanna read FMLs.

#8 - ha ur funny but atleast when we make fun of someone it's in thier native tounge and they can defend themselves! it sooo rude and ignorant to talk BS about someone when they can't understand u and deffend themselves... so on that lovely note f*ck u and have a nice day;)

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Just say in Swedish, "I'll see you there! Have a good ****-offing day, Bitch" All done.

Jag ser dig där! Ha en bra av-knullande dag, hora! Hehe.

More like : vi ses där! Ha en bra Jävla-dag, slyna !

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Saying that in Massachusetts would just earn OP a punch in the face, you idiot.

As theyre brain is visually smoking trying to cope with a good comeback