By tdudey123 - Canada - Toronto
Today, I decided to be a gentleman and let an old lady have my seat on the bus. Before I could even get up, she sat on my lap and wouldn't get off. I got an involuntary lap dance from a grandma. FML
tdudey123 tells us more :
I'm just gonna comment for the badge :P And yes, she was moving around, due to the bus rattling around (I hope).
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By  calilovesneb  |  12

What's worse is the fact that some men have a fetish when it comes to older women. I'll never understand why men can't just stuck to their own age group. But in your case that's just uncomfortable. I'm sorry, OP.

  FMLshark  |  12

So, how is that rock you live under, 1? You know, the one where only men have strange fetishes and are the only ones interested in people outside their age group?

  rekege  |  17

Well, what you have in common with old ladies is 20-something boys, and cats. 15 of them to be exact. Now, just get old, and you'll get the boys, too.

  wtvr  |  2

Well women have fetishes as well, also that specific one. And stop being so fucking narrow minded, fetishes are totally okay, why not spice up the kinky stuff a bit.
As to the fml: apparently gentlemen do get lucky too.

  silverstream20  |  20

It's called sexuality 1. Men and woman experience it in their own distinctive ways.Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy having a thing for a older woman. Don't be judgmental.

By  zack11289  |  3

I would just like to point out that just because a woman sits on your lap, doesn't mean it's a lap dance. It's called she's sittin on your lap. Now if she was moving around and grinding on you, then yes, it would then be a lap dance


So wait, are you telling me that after all these years, Santa doesn't just deliver all those presents around the world because each kid gave him a lap dance? Wtf. What's his motivation then???!!!!!

By  JustKittyKat  |  24

I completely sympathize with you OP. I am sorry you had to endure that. It was lovely of you to offer up your place.
On a side note; please allow me to point one thing out, being polite should not be a decision one should make. It's sad that some people "decide" to not be polite and kind.
Good for you, OP, for doing what's right! Even though you were sort of molested.