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  fortune789  |  17

#31, I've had multiple friends use the currency exchange as a source of income. Not their only income, but they use it to boost profits by a couple hundred dollars a month, maximum.

  NiceGuysDoWin  |  21

#90 - I have a friend who does this as well. There is no standard set for currency exchange. Each kind of currency is set against every other kind of currency in a fluid dynamic.

For example, at any given moment, 1 Dollar might be worth 15 Yen or 25 pesos, but 1 Yen might be worth 2 pesos. So you spend 10 dollars and buy 150 yen. Then use the 150 yen to buy 300 Pesos. Then exchange those 300 pesos for 12 dollars. If you can do that 100 times a day with thousands of dollars at a time, you can make some serious money.

Generally the inconsistencies are far more subtle, and it may take converting Dollars to yen, to pesos, to lira, to euros, to Juan, and then back to dollars in order to see a really big return. The guys I know who do this wrote a computer program to track these inconsistencies in real time in order to take advantage of the variances in the markets.

There is a level of risk involved, because the markets are so fluid that the inconsistencies sometimes change within the time it takes to make those 4 or 5 exchanges, but if you are fast and know what you were doing, you can make a lot of money.

  ChoolyBooly  |  32

If the girl does it correctly she may earn a good amount of cash. However due to her age she might not have the resources to be able to do this and have more than a few extra bucks here and there.

By  WallyQ  |  18

And we wonder why older generations think ours is doomed. Smh

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

And they played harder too.

I would climb trees and read a book.
My gram would climb to the top and sling-shot to the next tree.

I would use a sled and sneak into a golf course.
My grandparents would use anything as a sled. Sneak up on cars passing by and hitch a ride on their bumper.

I would use a soft ball and play ball tag.
My grandpa would use big rocks for ball tag. His friends and him would only pause if someone lost a tooth.

I hid behind trees and would throw snowballs at cars coming up a hill.
My grandparents hid behind that exact tree and would roll old tires at cars coming up the hill.

  granCanyon  |  12

Despite what most people believe you can memorize how to solve most high school level maths problems. I had a few friends who did this. They didn't have the slightest idea why they were doing what they were doing but at least they got their high school diploma. In my country high school tests and exams rarely require any creativity. It's just a set of classic maths problems and you can buy cheap books teaching you have to solve them. i've seen some SAT math problems and they weren't any better than those in my country. That could explain how OP's daughter coud have a successful academic career despite being not very smart.