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Today, as part of the treatment for my bulimia, my doctor informed me that I will not be allowed to go to the bathroom unsupervised. Meaning there will have to be another person in the bathroom with me at all times. I have a nervous bladder. I couldn't go if I wanted to. FML
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Awww! ): I'm so sorry. Maybe suggest a new treatment, since that won't work for you and benefit toward your health. The point is to get help with your eating disorder, not torment you.

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anyone who said she deserves it or is stupid clearly doesn't realize that bulimia is a mental disorder. to those people, fyl for being ignorant.


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How? He has a nervous bladder and bulimia...

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Yeah. Sorry. Missed the female sign. Oh well.

15, exactly. You don't know what it's like. People don't chose to be bulimic. People don't chose to be depressed. Most people don't even acknowledge that they have a problem. So ignorant.

Actually they do choose to be bulimic because they have low self esteem, but honestly it's something you can control. And that's from a previous bulimic and anorexic person.

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21: learn to spell 'choose' before calling others ignorant.

You don't choose to have an eating disorder....

As someone that had bulimia and self harmed, both to the point of, on several occasions, coming very close to dying, yes, it IS a choice. The underlying feelings, reasons, triggers and motives aren't of course but it was me that CHOSE to stick my fingers down my throat; I consciously made that decision. It may have been because I was seriously mentally unwell, but it was a choice. I knew what I was doing, I knew what the consequences could be, I also knew it could potentially help me lose weight and naively believed it would make me feel better. It WAS a choice. Of course it BECOMES habit and the habit is hard to break. But whilst someone doesn't choose to have the inclinations and situations and disturbances that may lead to dangerous activity, they will always have made a conscious choice to begin the destruction. Their rationality may be skew or affected, but the actions are through choice. I made the choice to start binging and vomiting and, because I was disordered, it was an easy choice to make. That choice became habit and the habit was the illness that became the wrecking ball. Yes, the initial process IS a choice. Does this make it less serious or less life threatening or less dangerous or even an action that is enjoyed? No. But I hate the fact that people dismiss the fact that it is a choice to seemingly give themselves less responsibility for their illnesses. Those are the people that take a long, long time to recover, if at all.

Oh, and when I was in hospital, I was also under 24 hour observation. Get over it. You're in there to help yourself and they are there to help you. Do you think they enjoy watching you pee? Get over it. Your lifelong health is much more important than your current embarrassment. Of course I feel for you and of course I know it is difficult but you are the one that put the obstacles down on your own life and well being, from whatever sad situations that drove you to it. I'm assuming you want to get better. If you want to get better, you have to go along with all this. You have to get over it. You have to see the long term and understand why they are doing what they are doing. Of course I understand your resilience to this but, years afterwards and fully recovered (albeit with scar tissue down my oesophagus and into my stomach, a damaged bowl, heart palpitations and wrecked teeth, hair and nails even three years after) those moments of being embarrassed and overly-modest were bullshit in comparison to the normality in my life I have been able to achieve. In the kindest possible way, you have to get the **** over it. Stop making excuses, stop putting down barriers and accept this help.

21 they do have that choice... I myself was never bulimic but my best friend was... She chose to put her finger down her throat, she chose to do it every time she ate! It took her a year to completely stop... Just like when I was 13 I chose to take all my anger and depression out by grabbing anything sharp and cutting myself! I CHOSE to do that! Just like the op CHOSE to stick her finger down her throat therefore CHOOSING to be bulimic... Just like I CHOSE to be a cutter, just like murders choose to kill people, just like molesters choose to molest people and just like druggies choose to abuse drugs...

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Awww! ): I'm so sorry. Maybe suggest a new treatment, since that won't work for you and benefit toward your health. The point is to get help with your eating disorder, not torment you.

Someone could listen at the door to check. If they hear gagging they could just come in. That might help.

"Hey Mr. Wiener, what do ya know? Do you have to tinkle?" "I really think so!" (Sing this song, it helps me go!)

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Why do idiots always get that wrong? >.< it's assuming everyone is like you!!

Jeez, it was a South Park reference (you know...a joke). To use your words against you, you need to lighten the **** up and not assume other people lack a sense of humor like YOU.

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Bulimia is stupid... Why make yourself shit or throw up cause you think your fat?

Ummm, because you think your fat? That kind of anwsered itself

7- Because some people are very self concious about the way they look.

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#7 Because all that diet and exercise stuff is a load of crap. What do these "scientists" with their "degrees" and "peer reviewed research and publications" know about being healthy? Intelligent people know that the best way to maintain your weight is to forcibly empty your stomach contents after eating.

Bulimia/anorexia is not a lifestyle choice. It's a psychological disorder that falls into the OCD category of disorders. There is a biological problem with the way the disordered brain works. Don't assume shit if you are completely ignorant. My best friend is dying from bulimia, so stfu.

I'm pretty sure using the restroom sounds different than vomiting. Just have them stand outside of the door.

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Im not sure that would work either, alot of people with a nervous bladder cant go if they even think someone can hear them, let alone if they know someone can...

Yeah, doesn't work. It's all about the anxiety caused by knowing someone is near and thinking they might be listening... which in this case, OP KNOWS someone's near and listening, which would make the anxiety a hundred times worse.

That wouldn't work as a lot of long time belimics have perfected vomiting so that it is soundless.

sorry but I think OP deserves it, punishment for being a dumb ass

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anyone who said she deserves it or is stupid clearly doesn't realize that bulimia is a mental disorder. to those people, fyl for being ignorant.

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Plenty of things are mental disorders, including eating disorders, sexual deviancy, PTSD etc. That doesn't mean people just get a pass for letting them get out of hand before seeking help.

But you make the choice to do it in the first place.

Belimia isnt a mental disorder its eating disorder... Theres a difference. Belimia is usually found in people that are over weight or suffer from body dismorphia (real mental disorder.) belimia is something under complete control of the patient and therefor suckitup. And dont criticize people and call them ignorant when u are wrong.

You could ask them to help, then they could step out.


Sounds like you have multiple probation officers! At least it's going for your cure.