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Today, I interviewed for a call center job making $13/hr, the only job where they called back. I used to live in a doorman luxury apartment in Manhattan with a prime skyline view and clubhouse. That was last month. FML
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By  Crackerman  |  0

a) $13/hr in NYC is like $6/hr in most of the rest of the country when you factor in cost of living. Almost anywhere else, it's great. But NYC is INSANELY expensive.

b) If you could afford the Manhattan Penthouse, most of you'd have one too. So, you can't really come down on him too hard about that.

Now, that being said, I have absolutely no sympathy for you. People like you are the reason everyone else is suffering. Maybe this will teach you to appreciate the value of hard work and earning what you have.

By  turners_syndrome  |  0

Been there, done that. Within about a week, went from a condo right off the lake in Chicago and white tie balls to working at a Potbelly's. Be grateful, Potbelly's starts at $9.50/hr but also requires no real skills.

By  iamf___d  |  0

I definitely feel the pain same thing happened to me but I have yet to find a job y would I take 13 an hour and make less than unemployment can't afford my bills as is

By  ohjeez89  |  0

Hey asshole just b happy u have a job... ur making more than the rest of us! 9.15/hr here which im overjoyed about. but u should saved. No pity for u at all, u deserved this...

  EmreArslan  |  11

Hey asshole you dont know OP so dont directly say he deserved it. Most of us can live easily with that... But if you go from rich to poor its a bit different. And no im not rich :p