By JK2010 - 11/01/2010 18:12 - Israel

Today, my crush of over a year came over for me to take her on our first date. Today was also the day my drunk parents decided to dance the chicken dance in our front yard, naked. FML
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Your parents are epic.

I hope... *puts on sunglasses* That your crush didn't chicken out on you YYYEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!


ouch hope ur date went well

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YDI because you live in Israel. Honetly, there's nothing else I need to say. Fricken greedy Israelis.

stupid jew palestanians are the shit!

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Tell her on saturdays the whole family gets together and Crunk dance in the front yard naked if she doesnt join shes not worth it.

Your parents are epic.

You should be in the kitchen.

making me a sandvich.



this is obviously very fake

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I feel your pain, brother.

perdix 29

And your mom offered him some chicken breast and he puked.

Sounds like my friends parents. His dad used to play frisbee outside in the snow with plates while half naked with his friends. You don't want to know what the mom did.

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i do

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Fake? Seriously? Have you people never had drunk parents?... You just couldn't make this shit up, nothing this funny can be made up. It's hilarious.