By Anonymous - United States - Russellville
Today, I asked my husband for help with a household chore. His response was to fake snore and pretend to be asleep. Later, our toddler pulled the exact same BS when I asked him to pick up his toys. FML
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By  alycion  |  38

If you did actually let your husband out of the chore, you sort of reinforced in your little sponge that it works. But still, it sucks when you can’t get a little help around the house. I like to do laundry strikes where I just wash my own clothes. When he’s out of clean work clothes or fishing clothes, he really gets everything in shape. I have him utterly confused with the stain removers and multiple detergents for things. He has no idea what to use, and he knows the wrong thing will destroy his clothes. I really should throw it out, but it’s my ammo to get things done.

By  0neiros  |  13

Oh Yeah, ANYTHING for him, dinner, sex, conversation, fake snore and sleep. Do it til he's begging you to stop. As for Jr. a quick swat will put an end to that crap.