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Today, my cousin started sending sarcastic love messages to me. I replied, with even cheesier lines. Then she rang me saying she was so glad I felt the same way. Turns out she wasn't being sarcastic. FML
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Oh damn... Time to explain some things OP

Sounds like you guys will have an awkward moment during Christmas parties this year.


Oh damn... Time to explain some things OP

I'm still trying to understand how a love message can be sarcastic... and especially to a cousin??

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I keep your picture upon the wall. It hides a nasty stain that's lying there. So don't you ask me to give it back,. I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me. I'm not in love. No, no.

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Using sarcasm over text isn't usually detectable... I'm surprised OP even got it

seriously there are a lot of ppl on fml with relatives who have inappropriate feelings for them!! :/

actually this is the opposite, it's a false positive for sarcasm.

Really though what is up with all the incest on fml

And this must be the girl who loved the fact that her boyfriend looked like her cousin!!

To everyone talking about this FML. a lot of places in the world accept being with your cousin and is not considered incest.

The birds the bees and the people from Alabama

OP should have said lol after his messages

#84- You're completely right. Some people marry their second or third cousins to keep the land in the family. Then again, first cousins getting married or even dating is very rare. In this case, it is very strange that the cousin feels like that... Hopefully the cousin is young and/or just continuing a long joke.

My grandparents are first cousins on both sides. My uncle and his wife are first cousins. In Iran, where I'm from, it's not at all out of the ordinary. My relatives have tried to set me up with my second cousin so many times its insane.

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Is OP male or female, and what degree of cousin is she?...

#91, of the states that allow cousin marriage, most are northern and/or progressive.

are you a parrot or something? way to repeat #1

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The comment has a ll thing right next to it making it seem like she meant "2". So they might have been confused by that.

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#54, I assumed she meant "lol"

You're all dicks I didn't even see #1's comment

@2 You really should edit it in the future. Like this. EDIT: I just saw #1's comment. Sorry about that!

There's kinda a time limit on that. And if there's no other comments at the time she was typing, why would she check if someone else happened to say the exact same thing?

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@128 & @1 way to go on getting most up votes and down votes haha

Sounds like you guys will have an awkward moment during Christmas parties this year.

Hide the wine from her too. That way there'll be no "it was the alcohol...sorry I kissed you" excuses.

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I think OP may want some sort of excuse.

OP had better steer clear of the mistletoe.

Stay the hell away from the mistletoe then :S

OP, don't be at the family New Years party when the clock strikes 12

This is probably not one of those stories you want your family to tell at every family event for the next 20 years.

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It depends, is she hot? Family game of footsie just got turned into foreplay

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97- It doesn't "depend if she's hot" that's OP's cousin. That's gross.

lol #110 and all other down voters im sorry that you cant detect scarcasm like the op cousin

No, we can't detect sarcasm, so you have to put sarcasm inside parentheses after your comment so we know.

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they say a family should love eachother but this goes a little too far.

I think they draw the line when family starts making love with each other. Haha.

Not going too far at all, in a lot of cultures cousins are actually allowed to get married.

That doesn't make it any less disturbing or gross, 83.

disturbing and gross are subective views. you may think it's gross but the cultures, and there are actually many, who allow cousins being together do not find it weird or disturbing, but find it normal

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Someone seems to have never heard of a joke, nor be any fun.

cant wait for the awkward family reunion ;D