These jugs don't belong here...

By Busty - 21/11/2017 06:00

Today, Walmart was out of quart milk jugs except for one. When I went to grab it, I had to practically climb into the fridge. My boobs got stuck on the shelf on the way out, and it took a solid two minutes to wiggle my way free. I had an audience. FML
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manb91uk 22

That’s the breast story I’ve hears all day


Watch it wiggle... see it jiggle... sprinkles so fruity... lotsa whipped cream topped with cherry...

A man walks up to a Walmart employee, as he points at you as & says “ Excuse me mom, could you tell me how much she sells for & if you have any more in stock? This one is mine but my friends want to share one for themselves. ”

Lobby_Bee 17

Big udders, big rudders. 10/10 would watch.

Little Richard 11

I can't wait to see the pics, on the people of Wal-Mart website.

Stuck on the shelf holding quart jugs? Nice, ... very nice! Although some say that more than a cup is a waste!

TheAngelLikeGirlGamer23 7

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Maybe you should have asked for help next time.

Yeah, totally weird that she didn't ask for a thin person without boobs to get her something out of a fridge, although it's so very common to get stuck with your boobs while shopping. Happens to me all the time.

I meant for climbing into the fridge to get the obviously very high milk jug--not getting her unstuck.

That's what my answer was for. So maybe I put it in other words. Why would you ask someone to help you with something you are totally capable of? Only because some very unlikely stupid stuff could happen? It would even be more reasonable to ask someone to help you after the mishap happened.

manb91uk 22

That’s the breast story I’ve hears all day