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Today, I'm moving from Arizona to Washington State with my 2 cats in my car. I've only just left and just learned that one cat gets carsick and the other stress farts. Only 956 more miles to go. FML
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if the car sick cat gets worse it will be farts and barf

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Download the "ride" app. You get points for traveling, and all that adds up pretty quickly and you can redeem for gift cards and stuff, all you have to do is get moving.

#57 I deliver pizzas and I just searched everywhere for that app and it doesn't exist, at least not on android.:(

the great thing about dogs, they love car rides

80, not all dogs love car rides, one of my dogs get car sick, and she whines while in the car.

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You don't have to bring them if it is that bad

And you don't just leave your pets behind.

That's kind of like "my baby cries a lot, so I'm going to leave her at home while I move away! La da da!"

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I think #3 was abandoned by his parents when they were moving...

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#29. I go for the latter. All in favor say here

#26, trolling or not, it's assholes like you that are the reason that shelters are so overcrowded with pets. Your mom should have swallowed you instead!

#26 you've clearly have not had a pet before. But then again if you ever had, I'm sure they've all ran away from YOU instead.

I think the FML staffer is somewhat biased in this case as they also own two cats. :p

I can't even imagine the smells going on in your car.

Well hey, at least OP knows exactly how many more miles to go!

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Well, I think " you're are" funny and "I'm am" serious about that.

#69 Ohh sweetie check your grammar I'm sorry but that's just...

Meow, that sounds like quite the catastrophe

I know I'll get hate, but this is why I believe the only useful animals are the ones that work, or the ones you can eat. If I need companionship, I look to human friends.

What if you have no friends? Then you're kinda screwed.

Cats are particularly useless you feed them and they treat u like there better then you atleast a dog is loyal and acts as a decent burglar alarm

The ones that work? so.... every animal on the planet?

36, when's the last time a cat did any useful work for you? A dog will at least bark if there's unwelcome company.

My cat kills rats, spiders, and frightening bugs. She alerts me when I'm home alone and someone is near the house, she cuddles me when I cry, keeps me warm at night, gives me companionship, checks on me, and studies are showing evidence that a cat's purr (which they use to increase their own bone density) can also have the same affect on their humans. You may not be an animal person, but that gives you no right to impose your "superior" beliefs on everyone else.

Geez. Get a grip #44. I never stated my opinion was superior. I just stated my preference. You're the one having trouble handling it. You know what else kills bugs? Other bugs. But I'm not a big fan of moving cane spiders into my house to handle the mosquito problem. I've no problem with other people owning animals. I just don't want them. If you need to understand why, look back at all the posts that say, " cat... FML".

52, if you think you should only have animals for the sole purpose of doing your work or eating them, that's rather shallow in my opinion.

^Hold up gurl, you on the wrong thread!

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am I the only one seeing 93's comment between 42 and 60?

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Maybe farther into the trip, the cat will start feline better and stop stress farting.

My dog also hates car rides, and I know that cats and dogs are different, but giving Misty a few drops of Benadryl calms her down a lot. I've talked to multiple vets who all say its okay. So maybe that would help? Sorry though OP! Maybe bringing the cats along was a meow-stake.

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Windows are going to be your best friends on this trip.

unless the cats aren't in carriers. personally, my cat loves to free roam a moving vehicle but she stresses in a carrier.

At least now you may be able yo have your windows rolled down a little. Once you get to WA you'll need to have your windows rolled up and the heater on.

My dog gets carsick. He puked on my sister a few times on long car rides.

That's not the point I'm trying to make. People get car sick too... I'm saying dogs are better.

They really aren't much better, dogs are the equivalent to 3 year old child, they need constant.

They need constant what 53? You're killing me here is it constant air? Constant food? Constant children? I need an answer dammit man.

What 56 said. Plus cats are like that a$$hole uncle no one likes. They ignore you till you're doing something important than they mess with you till you get annoyed and wanna play with them and they ignore you again. Dogs are way better

Oops, damn phone. They need constant Supervision.