Home alone

By Anonymous - 15/11/2021 17:00

Today, I was in the bathroom taking a massive dump, with the door closed, moaning and yelling to get it out, knowing I was home alone. When it was done, I walked out to see my mother on the couch who said, "I know masturbation is normal, but please try to do it while we're not here." FML
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Time to eat some freaking fiber dude.


Time to eat some freaking fiber dude.

Listen well! With a name like Plop, he must know what he's talking about.

Royal Sataness 4

see a Dr my dude. working that hard for a shit isn't normal

"Oh, no. I was just taking a dump the size of a birthday cake! I mean, I thought I was going to need a CROWBAR for it. Let me tell you what it looked like, and how it felt pushing...hey, where'd you go, Mom?"