Today, while hanging out with this guy I'm interested in, we turned and made eye contact. We were face to face and I thought he was finally going to kiss me. He decided to lick my face from chin to forehead instead. FML
By qyx3lmnop24 / Saturday 20 December 2014 07:33 / United States
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  GoddessGlitter  |  13

@76 I think 70 meant
they don't understand why 2 got so many dislikes if they're just stating the facts

I think everyone that disliked it have a weird fetish for being locked across the face yuck

  Fiorella1  |  19

Everybody above me is getting thumbed down. Could it be?! Is it finally my turn to shine?! Umm.... I'd like to thank my mom, my dog, Google, and Wikipedia.


Some people just do this to mess around and be goofy. It helps with getting close to them so when you do decide to kiss them, it's not a big deal or something to be nervous about because you've already been licking all over their face!