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Today, while hanging out with this guy I'm interested in, we turned and made eye contact. We were face to face and I thought he was finally going to kiss me. He decided to lick my face from chin to forehead instead. FML
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Doesn't sound like the worst that could happen.

I totally would have liked this but it was at a perfect 69 ? and yes, yes they are

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Props to #60 with the Happy Gilmore reference...

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@76 I think 70 meant they don't understand why 2 got so many dislikes if they're just stating the facts I think everyone that disliked it have a weird fetish for being locked across the face yuck

Everybody above me is getting thumbed down. Could it be?! Is it finally my turn to shine?! Umm.... I'd like to thank my mom, my dog, Google, and Wikipedia.

Some people just do this to mess around and be goofy. It helps with getting close to them so when you do decide to kiss them, it's not a big deal or something to be nervous about because you've already been licking all over their face!

Crush used lick. It wasn't very effective.

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I think the question here is, did he go for the standard around the cheek, or did he go for the less common straight up the face?

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Please FML let me favorite#71's comment...

Yes, I believe OP needs to solve #71's question.

Most lickly straight up the face since she said, from chin to forehead

always better then getting punched in the face

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Is this a personal experience we're speaking from?

95, if it is, I think it would make a nice addition to the FML collection.

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Totally read that in Will Ferrel's voice. lol

I can never keep up with what the bases are.

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I've had girls do that to me, never thought about doing it someone though. Maybe he just wants to taste you all over?

I had a girl do that to me too. I can't see how that can turn someone on...

Why are people going around licking each other?