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Today, my boyfriend said he was in love with my best friend instead of me. I wouldn't be so upset if it wasn't the third boyfriend in a row this happened with. FML
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Sadly, I think you may be better off with a new best friend. Or at least keeping the current one far away from future boyfriends!

Her friend might actually be doing her a favor by getting the scumbags to go to her instead...


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Either I'm missing an obvious joke or you just don't make any sense.

actually people do ditch other people because of being ugly or skin color, so your argument is invalid

Okay well maybe before your fourth boyfriend... Get a new best friend because obviously she's not going to be good news ever. (Sorry this isn't related to the thread but... Somebody had to say something that made sense).

Anyone else considering the possibility that OP's bff is a very seductive male?

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Is your friend's name Mary?...

I wonder if your best friend dates him now

Sadly, I think you may be better off with a new best friend. Or at least keeping the current one far away from future boyfriends!

I don't think it's right for OP to ditch her best friend. I mean it's not her fault that she is attractive, is it?

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Depends on if the best friend is encouraging this behavior or not. I think Op should speak with her friend about how this makes her feel. But ditching someone because they are attractive is just as bad as ditching someone because they are black or unattractive. It sounds like Op might want to choose a different type of guy to date. A loyal man will not ditch Op for her best friend, or even look at other women with romantic intentions in mind. It is one thing to think your gf's friend is hot, it is another to seek a romantic relationship with her.

Just hope they don't take it as a friend zone...but hey that might develop more into a relationship...

I'm seconding that "not a good choice of boyfriends" statement. The entire story reminds me just a tad too much of a certain "play": Go for the ugly friend, so that the hot girl gets interested in you, then dump the ugly one to be with the hot one. Unfortunately, most of those being used here have a hard time realising it, because the guys who use this method usually act like fantastic partners, simply because they want you to spread that image of them to your best friend. My only advice would be to be more careful when choosing your partners, maybe give it some more time to get to know them.

Speak to your best friend about it. From the given information it sounds like either you have a crappy choice of men, or your best friend is flirting with him. Most guys aren't "in love" with someone who shows no interest back. Generally being in love takes some time and effort from both parts. You don't just see someone and are instantly in love with them. usually it comes over time.

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#23- I think it's funny how you grouped "black" in there. Like someone can't ditch someone for being white? Russian? Mexican? You probably didn't mean anything by it, I just thought it was funny. And @31- Yes, because screwing with someone's feelings is the nice thing to do.

23, I'm just wondering how race even came into play here. The FML had no mention of it, nor did any of the other comments.

Because clearly, the commenter sees blackness and ugliness to be two easily comparable or associated adjectives. I know "everyone" is a little bit racist but some of us apparently are masters of subtlety.

51, 23 was just giving examples of "reasons" to ditch people based on the way they look. You could ditch someone because their beautiful, ugly or because of their skin color and or features.

I think #23 wasn't actually saying anything racist, what they were meaning is someone breaking up with someone do to color of skin and that it's just dumb and mean, #23 just said black as an example of what they were meaning...not trying to pick one specific race or anything. Sometimes you've got to just slow down and read the content, not just grab a word that catches your attention.

while I agree that the friend is probably reciprocating, the whole love at first sight does and can happen

@37 Wait, you go for the ugly girl first? Maybe thats what im doing wrong.

I'm confused. If race is a factor that could cause a breakup, shouldn't it be considered before dating a person?

@96 Sometimes the issue is relatives or friends see that you are dating someone of a race they don't like. Those people then flip out and cause issues unless you break up with that person. Usually it doesn't seem like these relatives and friends would actually do something like that till it happens.

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#23 is presenting a valid argument but as #54 said I think it's rather evident that she equates blackness with ugliness or sees it as inherently bad.

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Wow, that came out bad. I didn't intend to say being black is ugly. I am actually dating a black man at the moment. I have been told multiple times in the last few months, that he will be beat me, leave me, impregnate me and leave the baby. I have lost good friends who told me, "He is nothing but a N*gger and you should do better. He is ugly, and stupid..." type things. So, that was the only reason I put black, because apparently I should dump someone for the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

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it's not being a good friend by not allowing her to be around your future guys so if that even crosses your mind, it's time to ditch that friend. good luck!

That's too bad but you'll find the right one soon trust me...keep your chin up...

#3 is right, OP. The same happened to me, but I found the right guy. So, keep your head up amd the same will happen to you ^^,

Hang in there OP guys usually aren't very smart in this regard. You'll find one that's smart enough to stay.

Don't mind me just here for the badge. Also just wait some guy will one day love you

I didn't know there was a badge for being buried!

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Does she prance around your boyfriends in her bloomers?

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No one says bloomers anymore.

I'd hate my best friend by now if that we're me

OP didn't say whether or not her friend was in love with her boyfriends. If she isn't than there is no reason to hate her.

It's not the friends fault OP's boyfriend has fallen in love with them.

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Guys don't just fall in love just like that. There has to be something op's best friend is doing to lead them on. Either she doesn't know what is leading them or she knows but doesn't stop

Happened to me and one of my best friends all the time. Not just people actually being in love with me, but also those we didn't know and that she was interested in. Since I hadn't any interest in most of those guys, I didn't do anything except act like you do with your friends. Still that happened all the time, and I got the blame for it, apparently being the bad person. Maybe that was the reason they didn't fall for her?

You guys are right that guys don't just fall in love like that. However OP's user name is "hot friend" not "bitch/**** friend," and usually an FML will focus on the "stealing" part if that's what really happened, and this one does not. Therefore, I'm more inclined to assume her friend is a combination of really hot/pretty, really nice/friendly, and really great personality. Plus, maybe OP's boyfriends were never really that into her in the first place (obviously, since they switched so easily). Better luck with your next relationship OP!

Her friend might actually be doing her a favor by getting the scumbags to go to her instead...

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op didn't say that her friend actually went out with them just that they loved her doesn't mean she likes them that way

This same situation happened to me, only I was the best friend her boyfriends went for. However, I turned them all down because I was never interested and I would never hurt my friend. They would meet or talk to me one time and then "leave her for me" only to be rejected. Fools. :

Either you are dating some really shallow guys or you might want to look in the mirror and I'm not talking about your physical apperance. I've dated girls where I would have considered their friends "Hotter" but I would never fall for them based on looks alone. Because this is your 3rd guy in a row it's now a trend.

If you're not talking about her looks, why say "look in the mirror"? Never mind, "look in the mirror" = reflection on oneself.

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One time... maybe. Three times? There is something fishy about your friend. I'd be looking for a better friend instead of a new man.

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Or maybe there's something fishy about OP. What if her personality just sucks and the friend's a much better person? That's a possibility as well, isn't it? Don't judge the friend (or OP, for the matter) without knowing anything else about the situation. OP didn't say that the best friend started an actual relationship with her boyfriend, just that he's the third guy to fall for her. There's nothing we know about their personalities or whose fault this is.

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#20- You JUST judged OP, and then you turn around say not to...

I agree. I've seen this happen with a good friend of mine and the other girl would flirt like mad with whatever boyfriend or interest my friend had, and then play all innocent. I'm not saying the guys are good guys, just that the friend is probably no better.