By wouaf - 29/05/2015 04:19 - France - Voiron

Today, I was out shopping with my little sister. I wanted to try something on, so I put my bag in front of a changing room and jokingly told her to bark if someone came near. She ended up biting a lady who was trying to get into one of the changing rooms. FML
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So her bite was worse than her bark?

At least she did what she was told. I have bother getting my kids to do what I tell them


So her bite was worse than her bark?

Let's hope the little biter is under the age of five.

I just picture boo from monsters inc

And hopefully she's got her vaccinations. LOL.

psychopolarbear 28

#32, I thought of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch haha

Bitches be crazy. But seriously ; I'm wondering how old the kid is and why if she's that young you told her to bark/ act like a dog in public ?!

Too fond of bitches and dogs, my man? That username, doe. o.O

wantmeasandwich 26

Because how was OP to know? After all, barking little sisters seldom bite. Or something like that.

AviKerensky 17

Wow. What a bitch.

hahahaha sorry but your lil sis is really funny

At least she did what she was told. I have bother getting my kids to do what I tell them

But she didn't do as she was told. OP didn't tell her to bite anyone, just to bark if anyone came near (meaning her bag)

flyingyordles 5

Even better. She's an overachiever.

That sounds pretty rough.

WallyQ 18


If you look at my username, I think I picked the right one, actually.

She put teeth to it at least..

Aspen_Grace33 27

At least you've got yourself a good "guard dog"!!!

You should have seen this coming when she only picked out a series of studded chokers beforehand.

In some way that actually sound cute... but then again it wasn't right for your little sister to bit strangers lol

How on earth is a girl biting someone like a they're a guard dog ever cute? Especially for just walking into the changing room; no threat to OP or the bag.

Tell a kid to act like a dog and they'll act like a dog, it's kinda cute and I'll vote YDI on this because all younger siblings are basically their older siblings slave

tjsmommy18 5

what does YDI mean?