By KaylaRox1908 - 28/05/2016 02:04 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my bank refused to replace the debit card that I lost because, to prove I was the owner, I had to tell them about my last purchase and I couldn't remember it. I showed them my ID, and that could have worked, had they not misspelt my name on the account. FML
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OP here! Let me explain the situation: The reason why I did not notice my last name being misspelt for so long was because 1. The only way you could see it is if you went to a certain section of your online banking 2. It was just ONE letter off, and I have a very long last name so of course I didn't notice at first I actually came into the bank that day and told them both my problems (that my name was misspelt and that I had lost my card). I don't know why but FML rewrote/reworded my FML so they left out some things. The reason why I couldn't remember my last purchase was because I have a short-term memory problem, so even I have to check online almost on a daily basis what purchases I make. I told them this and they refused to accept that, so I gave them an answer: "I must've bought food, because that's the only thing I remember spending money on this week". And yes, the answer WAS food! They just thought that that was too vague to accept. I gave them all forms of ID I had, including my SS card, but they wouldn't accept it because of the misspelt name. I tried asking them if I could answer my security questions my account asks every time I log in, but they said that "doesn't count" because their online, phone, and in-bank banking are all different from each other. So in conclusion they just shrugged and told me to come back again tomorrow.

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ViviMage 38

Log into your online account and it will show you the most recent purchases. And if they won't freeze a lost card for your safety, get a new bank entirely!

Man that really sucks but if they don't freeze a card and send replacements then join a different bank


ViviMage 38

Log into your online account and it will show you the most recent purchases. And if they won't freeze a lost card for your safety, get a new bank entirely!

except his money is in that account....

Take it out...

#10 if he can't prove his identity because it isn't the right name he can't take it out he does not have his card so he can't do a ATM so your idea is not going to work

I meant once he gets it figured out. My bad I should have explained

I don't know if it's different in the US or for other banks, but for me I have to put in the number of my card into my online account every time to access it. As I've said before, I lost my card, therefore I am unable to access and see what I last purchased. I did a follow-up further below explaining a little more.

Man that really sucks but if they don't freeze a card and send replacements then join a different bank

I hope you get a replacement ! Sorry you had to go through that stress

You could provide your Social Insurance/Social Security Number, but you may be accused of attempted identity theft ...

countrychic94 2

Tell them to screw themselves and they ain't gonna get anymore of your business or your money and find yourself a new bank

Why would you not have your name fixed on the debit card right away? All part of Adulting. Lesson learned the hard way.

Not all banks in Canada require your name on the card. Only half the banks in the country have Visa Debit and only one of the other two big banks has the name on the card for Interac Debit.

Even my visa debit card doesn't have my name on it. Nor does my main debit card from another major bank. You would think that OP would have looked at a statement or something else from the bank, however.

that blows. they should be asking about your account number, password and SS number though!

OP is in Canada, where it's generally not allowed to ask for SINs (the equivalent of SSNs) to prove identity. Account numbers are known to anyone who receives a check from you, sends you money via wire, etc., so they're not really a good identity verification tool. Passwords are tricky because the bank doesn't want its employees knowing them. The bank needs to be able to maintain the claim that knowing the password is proof of the account-holder's authorization, which it isn't, if bank employees know your password.

In Ontario you need 3 pieces of ID, at least 2 being photo ID. Asking about a last purchase is not standard practice for any bank.

It is in Nova Scotia. They will generally ask for ID (just one piece, not three) and then ask for a recent transaction and/or the approximate balance in the account just to verify.

It all depends on the specific bank. I work for a bank as a teller, and we are allowed to verify the most recent transaction to verify the customer if they don't have an ID with them. We also have to verify a lot of other things as well, but I know that something like the spelling of the name shouldn't be an issue. I would just call the loan officer/banker who opened the account and ask them.

Time to get a new bank

Asking for recent purchase info can in fact be common practice. If someone is trying to steal your identity they could know your SSN, your license info, your mother's maiden name and various other pieces of information commonly used to verify yourself online. Odds are they won't know the amount and location of your most recent purchase or possibly recurring debit. I work at a bank and we use questions like that to verify people over the phone or in person if they don't have their ID. I come across a lot of misspelled names, but I would still assist my client. If the name is COMPLETELY different then it would be cause for alarm.

Yeah, either OP's bank is ridiculously strict or the teller was new. I work at a bank as a teller and I've asked for the most recent transaction and the balance to verify the customer for small withdrawals or account balances and whatnot. I'm not sure why OP ran into so much trouble, unless their name was completely wrong like you said.