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Today, my 4-year-old twin boys are fighting because they both want to watch the SAME show on Netflix. They don't want the other one to choose, because somehow that invalidates their own choice, even though they both get to watch what they want, which is "Barbie, life in the dream house". FML
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I think it's good that they want to watch that. It shows that they aren't conforming to stereotypes and aren't afraid to express themselves. But fighting over it... That's adorable! But I guess FYL for having to sort it out....

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Youre certainly living in the "dream house" right now


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Youre certainly living in the "dream house" right now

I think it's good that they want to watch that. It shows that they aren't conforming to stereotypes and aren't afraid to express themselves. But fighting over it... That's adorable! But I guess FYL for having to sort it out....

Or it means they haven't experienced how mean kids can be for those that weren't raised with the "this is for boys, this is for girls" teaching. My now 6 year old loved pink because I made damn sure he wasn't raised with that bias. As soon as he was around other kids in this small town.. "Pink is for girls". >

I genuinely love that show ?

Maybe they think barbie's hot

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Fuck your main stream "go against the main stream" views. That show is for girls, not boys

I agree! I feel like that part of the FML is unnecessary to include. Good for them for liking what they like and I hope nobody tries to discourage them because they think content can be specific to a gender. That's so silly. Hope your kids can stop the fighting though, OP! I have 5 younger siblings and I can totally see any of them getting into this same sort of argument. Kids can be petty as hell.

Holy fucking shit people, this is an FML about two little kids fighting. Why are you turning it into your unnecessary, self righteous area acting like your so fucking open minded and progressive. When I was about 7 or 8 I loved playing with a pink power ranger action figure, and you see NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. People can like what they like, do what they do, but you don't have to take something so meaningless and turn in into your conceited little safe area.

Calm down...

No need to have a hysterical fit, 25.

You do realize barbie is meant for small children and under 10 girls right?

Anyone can like it... It is stereotypical that girls like it but what's to stop boys liking it? I believe you can do and believe what you want as long as it doesn't impact badly on people

#43, Barbie may be designed for and marketed to little girls but it is in no way 'meant' for little girls. That implies that only little girls are allowed to purchase and enjoy, which is false. Anyone can enjoy a Barbie. My 7 year old daughter bought yellow Minion pajamas earlier in the boys section. Just because they were designed for boys doesn't mean she didn't like them better than the pink monstrosity in the girls section. We had the same issue with super hero underwear, so she wore (and still wears) boy's briefs. It's what she likes so who cares? It doesn't affect anyone but her so why not?

Doesn't actually show they have been exposed to the stereotype and are having a conformity problem? They want to watch but won't choose so the other one is responsible for picking the show they don't think they should want to watch. I agree they shouldn't be concerned with the girls vs boys shows or things in general but I think they are in this case. To all the "pink is for boys too" type comments; pink was a masculine color and blue was feminine until around WWI. There's a long reason why the perception changed but historically pink was a male color and light blue was female. So it's all just current social views that make it out that way.

I agree. Barbie is meant to girls

I think it's more the fact they're arguing over watching such a banal and (presumably to the parents eyes) pointless show

That's when you take away the Netflix and make them clean. My mom did that. Only we had to watch HER show.

I do that. Can't decide on a show to watch without arguing? Good, we're watching this PBS documentary I missed last week when you were watching some Disney Channel BS.

so I guess you can say they are already having 2 identity issues! first being self identity as twins but secondly if they're gay lol! hopefully they grow outta barbie and in power rangers or some shit! sry op #kids suck

Yes, how dare they watch the developmentally-appropriate show designed for their age group instead of something designed for 7-tween years. Obviously the 'problem' is that they're gay. Because the sexuality of four-year-olds is just REALLY important to you for some reason. THAT'S the problem, not that they're four and enjoy age-appropriate media consumption...

hey that shows pretty good actually

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what has this world come too. boys fighting over a Barbie shoe. those boys need some boy (dad) time

What do you mean? As a little kid I wanted to go to baseball games and watch WWF (now WWE), and I had plenty of time with both parents. They're kids, they like what they like. Good for them.

Take your gender conformity and go away.

but if the kids here girls and were into sports and other "boyish" things they'd be labeled as Tom boys and no one would say that they need a mom in their life.

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how are sports just for men. sports are for both genders.

*sniff sniff*, can you smell that? Smells like troll.

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I seems like guys has to be a pansy to be accepted in this "world" now

They just gonna "Netflix and chill in the dream house"

They are 4 years old..

Wtf man, they're 4.


they are children and brother you sick person

That's sibling rivalry plain and simple

lmao kids know how to be adorable and drive you crazy at the same time

omg that's so cute!