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Today, my 4 year old's heavily pregnant teacher pulled me aside and asked me to talk to my son about "boundaries". Apparently, he asked her if she was going to "boobie feed" him and listed a few reasons why she should and why formula is bad, in front of the entire class. FML
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OP here: Yes he was breastfed for about 5 months. Due to unfortunate medical problems, we had to switch completely to formula. His brother, however, is currently breastfeeding. At 4 years old, he has lots of questions and I try to answer them all as honestly as I can. I in NOW WAY judge people about formula feeding. As long as the baby is happy and healthy, do what you do, which I've also tried to teach him.

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Your kid is well informed. Am I the only one impressed?

smart kid. just looking out for the good of his teacher.


that must have been an awkward conversation. fyl op.

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At least he's educated on it. Good for him!

Why so many down votes? All you did is say it must have been awkward, which I'm sure it was.

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Mr. Syki, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

@61 By far the best (modified) quote from Billy Madison. I usually like to reserve it for people who write a whole essay of idiocy, but your use of it made me laugh all the same. +1 from me.

Yo I was just saying sorry for reporting you, I just saw the post you got that from on ifunny

OP has already said she supports formula so everyone can cool their jets about formula vs breast feeding. It is very common to see babies with bottles so one of his endless 4 year old questions about the new baby was prob "why doesnt he have a bottle?" And mom prob simply said because this is bette

@61 *Ms. And in retrospect, I admit "little pitchers/big ears" was pushing it, but I'll stand by the mammaries. :P

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OP here: He was breastfed but had to be supplemented with a high calorie formula. By 5 months, he was just on formula. His brother is breastfeeding now so he had a lot of questions.

Ok OP, but how often do you bash formula feeding when answering his questions? As someone who is forced to use formula for medical reasons, formula isn't bad. It's what makes sure my child is well-fed. Before I had him, I planned on breastfeeding. I looked down on formula because of this "breast is best" crap. In some instances, it is. But in some instances, formula is better. Formula definitely hasn't stunted his mental or physical development. He is achieving milestones like rolling over and his first tooth that should be months away. YDI for pushing your parenting beliefs on a little kid that is basically going to parrot everything you do and say at that age.

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smart kid. just looking out for the good of his teacher.

We need more people like him in the world!(ignoring the weirdness)

Howso? Formula is safe and keeps babies nourished. It's not his business or yours what the teacher chooses to do with her boobs.

We don't need more people sticking their nose in to how mothers need to feed their babies. I think it's fair to inform and advise about important issues like vaccination, that can have a massive affect on a child's health, but breast feeding can be very difficult (or impossible) for some mothers and the last thing they need is to be made to feel bad for doing the best they can for their and their child's welfare.

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We all know breast milk is better, but as someone stated before that's not an option for every mother. Formula is still healthy for a baby just because it's not as healthy as breast milk doesn't mean it's bad for them and that the mother should be shamed for it. if it wasn't safe for a baby then they wouldn't sell the shit.

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That's... Different... FYL OP, better teach your son what is right and wrong for him to say ;)

Your kid is well informed. Am I the only one impressed?

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Well informed and just making sure his teacher makes the right decisions

I think it's great that he is getting good information and wanting to share it at that age. Parenting done right!

Well-informed and repeating what he's heard other people say are not the same thing. Not saying a four your old should have independent research skills :) But...yeah, let's not give the kid too much credit. Imagine being a pregnant woman, who is already getting advice from EVERYONE on how you should raise your own damn kid, and now a 4 year old is joining in lecturing you.

Well informed except for the formula part. It isn't "bad" at all. Some women just can't breast feed. However for knowing all of that information, I'm impressed as well.

Actually, more recent and better-controlled studies are showing no difference between formula and breastfed babies in the long term. I, personally, am not impressed by anyone who spouts judgmental and outdated facts, no matter how old they are.

#8 I'm impressed to he's only 8 and is being well educated, don't worry about it OP I would be one proud parent if it was son parenting done right we need more intelligent kids like him.

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I am way over impressed. That kid will go places...

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#41, there are a lot of long term benefits from breast feeding including a higher performance in intelligence tests, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and it prevents obesity and diabetes.

OP's kid is certainly very astute and attentive. Kids' inquisitiveness should be rewarded, not punished. Inform them in appropriate ways, and don't try to shun them.

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Yep. 110. that's right. not a SINGLE breastfed person is fat. not one! you're smoking something if you believe that, dumbass

Not true. Breast fed babies get stronger throat muscles and talk sooner. Also, breast milk has stuff in it to strengthen the immune system. Plus many more benefits. Bottle feeding isn't bad per se, it's just not as good.

aeryn97 17

wrong again. my formula fed baby has talked nonstop since 5 mo. she's not obese. she's a very tall skinny kid. my 5 yr old is 18kg and 113cms. she NEVER shuts up whether talking, asking questions, singing, or humming. she has a serious depth of understanding and started kindergarten at 3.5yrs/primary school at 4.5. I breastfed all of 10wks and combine fed from day 4. for medical reasons I wasn't able to breastfeed as my milk never fully came in. she is best friends with her 5 yr old cousin who was fully breastfed. people think that they are twins because they look similar and talk/act similar. surprisingly enough the breastfed cousin didn't talk until 2.5 yrs! they are both on the same level/identical now. wow. shot your dumbass theories down right there.

That's called anecdotal evidence. Just because your kid did well on formula doesn't mean that kids who drink formula do better than kids who breastfed in general. Breastfeeding is the recommended gold standard for infant nutrition, formula is just the alternative in case you can't breastfeed for some reason. The mix of nutrients in breast milk is nearly perfect for babies and helps to boost the immune system as well. That mix is tough to get right in formula, which is why doctors recommend that you breastfeed your kid for at least six months, unless medical issues prevent you from doing so.

I actually agree with you #117, though not as rudely. I am fat and I was breastfed.

That is pretty awkward, but at that age i'm sure most four year olds aren't very knowledgeable of that yet... so there's no reason to be embarrassed. Now if i asked that to my pregnant teacher last year... Id be a different situation

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impressive, but still. boundaries.

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He's going to be a troublemaker... Already working a way with words to get boobs..