By NoComparison - 14/05/2009 00:59 - United States

Today, I was accepted to Harvard's law program. Prestigious right? After hearing the good news the only thing my parents talked about over dinner was who they wanted to win American Idol: Adam, Kris or Danny. FML
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"prestigious, right?" kinda killed it.

at least you got into Harvard


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I think Danny's gonna win.

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Penis is good

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Kris won :D he touched my hand at a concert :3

Adam shouldve won. he lost cause of the motherfuckers who hate gay people

gah that didn't let me like ur comment

Adam definitely should have won! You're exactly right. It's supposed to be about TALENT. Not what someone chooses to do with their OWN BODY in their OWN TIME. Makes me so fucking angry he lost.

...I really hope they didn't pick Danny.

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adam! :D

at least you got into Harvard

Haha ikr? It's like he made this FML just to brag about being accepted XD

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lol well maybe you're so smart they figured u would get in so it wasnt much of a surprise?

"prestigious, right?" kinda killed it.

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Man, if only there was a button to signify that

man, some parents dont give a rats ass huh? its ok man, when your driving that Ferrari it wont mater, GRATZ!

i hope ADAM win!! :D and oh, sorrrrrry. congratulations! haha.

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I HOPE ADAM WINS!!!!! oh yea, congrats lol

Agreed with 5. It's not like you became President or anything. That statement made you sound pretty high on yourself.

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He got into Harvard law school. Don't be a bitch because your jealous. And grats op.

He clearly worked hard for to get in and there's really no need to be hating on it.

Haha, wow...get out of there while you still can! :P