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Today, I had finally gotten my dogs to quiet down and my baby to fall asleep. Not thirty seconds later, my neighbor's car alarm went off. They aren't home for the weekend, and the damn alarm has now been blaring for three hours. FML
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I would call the police. They have ways to break into cars and could probably turn off the alarm.

Go break that car up! Although on a more serious note maybe you could try get in contact with your neighbors or ring the police to try sort it out.


Go break that car up! Although on a more serious note maybe you could try get in contact with your neighbors or ring the police to try sort it out.

Maybe the lawn gnomes in OP's yard have something to do with this. Those evil little bastards are always up to something :P

You're going to have to wait for the battery to die while wishing horrific tortures upon the owner. FYL OP

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38- so do you think your cool now for annoying people?

Watch out, we got a badass over here.

I would call the police. They have ways to break into cars and could probably turn off the alarm.

Normally car alarms to off automatically after a few minutes...

Wait for the horn to die. This happens to my friend they just drove with it on.

That's exactly why I hate car alarms.

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Car alarms don't go off for 3hours. Not even one

Yeah, it's normally like 10 minutes isn't it?

Definitely, the car figures after ten minutes the alarm doesn't need to go off anymore. Cause, yanno, if someones breaking into it....or beating it, or stealing it, the alarm will definitely not be important.

Actually you are all wrong, car alarms in older cars (before 2007 models) never shut off until the battery was low, then as soon as the battery receives energy from resting it starts going off again. This happened to me while I was camping. There were three guys who parked IN OUR CAMPSITE and they went hiking into the mountains, they took sleeping bags, and not 30 minutes later there alarm went off, well we didn't see them for 2 days. It went on for about 6 hours, then stop for about 10 minutes, then started going back off again.

This FML can be easily summed up.... TROLL

Ummm.... I drove a '95 Jaguar. The car alarm went off in under 3 minutes. I know because I accidentally set it off and my brother had the keys.

42 - I think you're wrong about that. My family has 3 cars. All older then 2007 and the alarms only go off for a few minutes and then shut themselves off. So I don't know where you got that information from but, yeahhhh.

Find a way to turn it off or visit friends/family for the weekend!

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As if she would leave her own home and belongings just to get away from a problem that isn't even hers! Common sense would be just to call the police or the neighbors as #1 said. Seriously.

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Or baseball bat, bigger car to ram into it till it stops, a big horse to kick it, maybe an elephant, defiently a gorilla! and maybe a hammer, jaws of life, a big whale to fall on top of it like in the movie hancock but it'll hit a car not a boat, or maybe just get hulk because hulk like smashing things, also maybe chase after the stealer who may have attempted to steal the car and take your anger out on him than throw him threw the window of the car and dismantle everything till the alarm stops, or maybe just take the logical/boring route and just call the police to turn it off.

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They do in my neighborhood and get progressively more louder and obnoxious by the minute.

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Does that doll come to life? *goosebumps*

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That's so rude that could be his sister playing dress up! or chunky's date, he'll kill you!

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Chunky? Lol. Ah, autocorrect does it again!

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Autocorrect. you insulted Chucky by calling him fat, you should know he is an evil doll and it's very hard to lose weight when you're made in only one shape! Damn you autocorrect! He will shank you. Have a nice day autocorrect... Check under your bed... he'll be watching you... Maybe slit your ankle so you fall down than he will slit your throat... Than wobble away because he is chunky under your standards. pshh.

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it'll eventually die out. or you can go to a friends for a while.

Simple. All you have to do is lift the back of the car to a 45 degree angle. The alarm will think the car is being towed and will stop. Seriously it works. I saw it happen. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it in a movie. Worked like a charm.

Try putting your baby in a room that is the quietest. Maybe while keeping an eye on your baby you should listen to music with noise-canceling headphones. I'm betting your not the only one suffering through this, a neighbour may report it to the police. FYL at the moment, but I hope it'll get better.

while you're* you could* it gets* It's a sad day when someone has to correct themselves as much as I do.

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Love the your profile pic it's awesome