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Today, I got chickenpox. I'm 28 and having chickenpox as an adult is excruciatingly painful. When I told my boss I wasn't going to be at work today because of chickenpox he replied, "That's the worst excuse I've ever heard. Adults don't get chickenpox." He then fired me. FML
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you should have taken a picture and sent it to him or something.


you should have taken a picture and sent it to him or something.

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or some kind of documentation from a doctor..

yeh a photo, a document, anything can support u . why didnt u ?

Should get a doctor's note, walk in, and slap him in the face with it; Do it in a downward motion, too, so that his face smacks his desk. You could even have the note in one hand and lay it on the desk as you slam his face down onto it. Wear a suit and bring a like-dressed "witness" and be like "Served, witnessed, out." and just leave.

or he could sue him for wrongful termination

you can sue ur boss for firing u for not a good enough reason

Seriously, OP, file a lawsuit under FMLA. They can't fire you for time taken off due to a sickness. And 'adult chickenpox' is call 'Shingles'. It's *INCREDIBLY* painful and (especially in older persons, which is much more common than in 20-40 year olds) can be fatal in extreme cases.

147 I totally agree! There are like a dozen different things to get him with on that one.

adult chickenpox is different from shingles. adult chickenpox means he never had it as a child and this is the first time he is Infected. shingles is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus that lays dormant in nerve roots and presents in a dermatome distribution.

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that's how it is now a days i mean look @ obama

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ah, reasoned, well-formed political debates (not that I don't agree with 63).

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Damn guys. What's with all the debates on fml. Drop it before the mod hammer crashes down.

Heh, this reminded me of that Friends episode where Phoebe and her boyfriend have the chicken pox and they tape oven mitts to their hands! Maybe you could get a doctor's note saying you have it and he'd give you your job back. Then again, I don't think I'd want to work for a jackass like that. (:

If you can even see a doctor. I had chicken pox at thirteen, and my parents were basically told that under no circumstances would we (my sister had it at the same time) be seen by a physician. Luckily my fever broke at 104.7, brain damage occurs at 105.

I'm pretty sure it's technically shingles now.

#158 Yup! And shingles are way worse than chicken pox...I would know. A rash with pustules and pain like stabbing needles! Woo-hoo!

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you also have to include the % of adults that actually GET chicken pox. 75% of a very small group is still a very small group.

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not all parents are for the vacccine and its not like a 25% of hope, that fact mean that of the deaths for chickenpoxs 75% of them are adults it doesnt mean that 75% of adults who get chickenpoxs die and besides he only 28, its when you get really old is it really bad

Let's not sugar coat this by saying "not all parents are for the vaccine". Let's tell it like it is: not all parents give a rat's ass about the well-being of other people, including their children and everybody else. But, yes, there is a world of difference between "75% of people who die from chicken pox are adults" and "75% of adults with chicken pox die", so kudos for pointing that out.

71, the vaccine isn't given everywhere in the world by the way. until now, i didn't even know it existed. the chance of someone dying also depends on what country and what environment they live in. i know people that got it as an adult and were pretty sick for one or two weeks, just like a really bad flu. some people in the world also die from having the flu, does that make it a lifethreatning disease now? so i think you're overreacting a bit here.

oh and i'm pretty sure that 75% is not a real figure

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I never had the vaccine and it had nothing to do with my parents not caring. I had the chicken pox when I was three, so the doctor saw no point in giving me one. However, for any parents out there who get into that situation....give your kids the vaccine. I've had it TWICE since then. Once again when I was 8 and again at 14. It's true, the older you are, the worse it is. It's not just itchy skin and a fever. Also, it's like poison oak; each time you get it it comes on worse than the time before.

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Vaccinations are incredibly effective, for one. For two, who cares if it's fast tracked if it gets results? Especially when it comes to your kids! "Oh I don't want to inject them with this thing that could make their life more comfortable, I'd rather chance them contracting some awful disease and dying" It's common knowledge that when we have these breakouts of small pox, mumps, etc. it's among the children who's parents didn't get them vaccinated.

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1. I'm not saying all vaccines don't work. But to say they all do is ignorant especially when you assume instead of doing proper research. Look at effectiveness of flu vaccines weighted against the "side effects." 2. Discomfort? Seriously? Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Paralysis and death are a little worse than discomfort. Also autism and other neurological disorders and can be linked to chemicals in vaccines. 3. You think these companies care about your safety? This multi billion dollar industry thrives on the assumption that their vaccines are inherently safe. How about the fact that vaccine companies have complete legal immunity? If you're injured by a vaccine you have to submit a complaint through a "vaccine court" in which the vaccine company in question is defended by full-time government lawyers paid for by tax dollars. 4. Do you even know what fast tracked means? Because it really seems like you don't.

Actually no, you're spouting off bullshit. The link between autism and vaccines has been shown to be inaccurate time and time again. People link it to thimerosal... However there is absolutely no reputable study that has ever confirmed this claim. In short, do your research before you spout off that vaccines cause autism. They don't.

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Thank you, Jasper8713, I was just about to say that. Flu vaccinations do work if everything is assume correctly. The virus they inject you with has to be strong enough to spur your body to produce antibodies for one. Also, they have to have predicted the right flu virus for the season. As for side effects...EVERYTHING has side effects. Get over it. It's always different, which is why we have a new vaccine every year. As Jasper said...all studies "linking" disorders to vaccines have been discredited over and over again. When did I say anything about discomfort? I said they could lead a more comfortable life without the possibility of being disease ridden because of neglectful parents. I never said anything about discomfort anywhere. If you want to get into an argument about companies caring about safety, you need to rethink what you're saying. If you wanna be concerned over multi-billion dollar companies and their lack of concern over us then you should never leave your house, buddy, cause no one really gives a rat's ass about our safety. Also, there are FAR more cases of people who have received a vaccine and not contracted a disease than people who have received a vaccine and had a terrible aftermath. Yes, I know what fast tracked means, how did any part of my statement make it seem as if I didn't?

134 - Are you taking into account what Jenny McCarthy said? Really? She's a ******* idiot. Sure, her son has autism. Okay, we all know that, right? Babies typically get their shots done at around 6 months. Autism isn't diagnosed until age two. Jenny McCarthy's son got his normal shots at 6 months, and was diagnosed at two years of age with autism. See the problem? If these vaccinations were a link to autism (or caused it, or whatever) all children, or at least more children would have it. Autism is NOT, by any means, provoked or created through a vaccination. If that kid didn't have that vaccination, he would a) probably be sicker later in life because he didn't have it and b) still have autism.

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You are an idiot and should be taken out and shot. I hope you never have children. It is people like you that are causing the wonderful resurgence in mumps, measles, rubella, and whooping cough. If you do have kids, I hope they get a preventable childhood disease and die a horrible, painful death.

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Well I certainly agree with everything the two of you said....except for the dying children bit. Otherwise, well spoken!

This completely misinformed rebellion again vaccines needs to ******* end. They single handedly are the most effective form at preventing debilitating and pervasive diseases.

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It feels so damn awesome to actually be on the side of an argument where people actually agree with me! Haha

Her son doesn't even actually have autism.


Actually, just because you have been vaccinated does not mean that you will always be immune, and, in adulthood you can still get chicken pox but it can turn into shingles. Six months ago, while pregnant, i learned that I was no longer immune to the chicken pox or measles. I now have to get vaccinated for both again.

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I know that. That doesn't mean don't go get your kid vaccinated though. That's like a flu shot, you need a new one every year, so does that mean you just never get one in the first place since you'll have to do it again? No! And I believe the others on here are correct in saying that it's not shingles unless you've had the chicken pox before. If your immunity wears off and you get the chicken pox, it's just the chicken pox.

Dear tools. Swine flu epidemic was a perfect example of people blindly going for a vaccine because of a fear campaing orchestrated by vaccine companies. For some reason it made big news for a long time in Europe once it was uncovered, but in USA, people didn't care much about the billions wasted and the lies told. That tl;dr rant was to highlight one thing : get informed and don't get injected without thinking. Sincerely, from a guy who gets vaccines when necessary.

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Uh huh... Getting a flu vaccine is one thing, vaccinating your child against measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, etc. is quite another. I get a flu vaccine every year, but I agree that it's an optional thing. I just do it for my own comfort and peace of mind. Choosing to not vaccinate a child against a life-threatening illness is just wrong.

And yet there was autism before vaccines, and the autism rate is the same among people who don't vaccinate. I drank coffee last week. Three days later I had diarrhea. That doesn't mean coffee causes the *****.

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Chicken nuggets from McDonalds do the same thing to me...

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That would only work if the boss had never had chicken pox as a child, and lets face it if our parents found out someone else's children had chicken pox they would send us round to play, straight away. So then its over and done with.

Isn't adult chicken pox also known as shingles?? Sucks to be you.. Hope you get better soon..

Yes, and it is excruciatingly painful! OP maybe call your boss back and explain everything to him. although idk if id want to work for such an ass

No, adult chicken pox is not shingles. I had chicken pox as a child and recently had shingles. It's really painful. The doctor said something about the virus remaining inside the body and manifest itself when my immnue system is low.

Shingles I believe is a second round of chicken pox. You can't get it unless you have chicken pox antibodies.

No. Shingles is another disease. Basically a mutation of chicken pox and only those who have had chicken pox can get shingles. Having chicken pox as an adult is actually pretty dangerous as it can settle in your lungs.

Why does everyone always jump to lawsuits? Yes, it's wrongful termination, but your boss could just be uninformed. Bring a doctor's note. Only if he doesn't accept that should you sue.

your boss was right: adults don't get chicken pox. it's shingles or herpes zoster.

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If the OP has never had chicken pox before then what they have now IS chicken pox and not shingles.

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I thought shingles was the SECOND time you got chicken pox. first time it's chicken pox, ten after that it's considered shingles...

Comment OP I'l just let you know shingle and herpes zoster is the same thing (shingles is just the common term for it) and the two people above me are correct in saying that if this is varicella zoster virus returning it is indeed shingles however if OP has never been affected by Herpes zoster (which is quite possible) then he has what is known as chicken pox the slang for the first infection. ( Chicken pox in adult life can be more dangerous than that of when caught as a child explaining pox parties) Varicella zoster virus can become latent in the nerve cell bodies and less frequently in non-neuronal satellite cells of dorsal root, cranial nerve or autonomic ganglion Johnson, RW & Dworkin, RH (2003). "Clinical review: Treatment of herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia". BMJ 326 (7392): 748. doi:10.1136/bmj.326.7392.748 Same virus possible to get first infection (Chicken pox in later life just a lot rarer)

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not in all cases. I had the chicken pox twice as a kid.

I had it once when I was a kid a again in my freshman year of high school my doctor said it was chicken pox and that it's possible to get I twice.