By Anonymous - 31/01/2010 18:37 - United States

Today, I'm in the hospital because I sliced my leg open. Why? I jumped off my bed and scratched myself on the metal bed frame when Miss America was crowned to Miss Virginia. I'm 20 years old, and a man. FML
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is this your "coming out" post? if so, congratulations! :)

I will never understand why so many people who post on FML feel the need to write just awkward sentences. Why not just write "when Miss Virginia was crowned Miss America"?


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no sir epic fail

omg I was first... my parents would be so proud

wall it's your fault u dumbutt ass pirate why wer u watch it in ferst place!!!!

you don't consider yourself a "mans man" do you op? lol

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off yourself

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I'm pretty sure all the executives of FML do is go through the comments and laugh at how retarted these arguments are.

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Hey Tomc666, how about you learn how to spell before you speak. Also, why would you watch the show in the first place? Your fault.

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You're also going to be posting an FML when you get your hospital bill...

epic first comment

you're also an idiot.

Jeeez harsh man

u were not first

w8 nevermind. I was tired and not reading usernames

no sir, I believe you are mistaken about the "man" part!

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this is a fail so epic, it's almost a win

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I bet you're still a "Virginia" ;D

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OP, screw what everyone says. You don't have to be a woman to enjoy pageants, and you don't have to be gay. Fuck gender roles, do what makes you happy.

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lmfao xD

he forgot to mention gay

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this is not gay! I think it's manly! I love miss America! I look forward to it more than the American idol season finale! :) ~ yur welcome!

Holy shit if you're not wearing makeup and sporting a tramp stamp!

I am in love with #68

/ Wow another creep has just been made

Why would he be gay??? Miss America pageants are full of smoking hot women. He probably wanted to get his jollys off to Miss Virginia.

lol dats wut i was thinkin beatin his meat to da chix on da show

haha ya prob wad

It's not that he was watching it, it's that he was so concerned about who won.

is this your "coming out" post? if so, congratulations! :)

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lmao! I could not stop laughin at this comment

lmfaoo this definitely made me laugh.

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Epic failure...

any enormego fmlers here?

ouuta all of dese comments no1 mentioned ah "feel bettah" or "ouch" .. lmfao .. anywayy buddy ; feel bettah ;X

I don't get it..

That's because you're retarded. However we can speak in a better sense for you: DERRRR DUM DUM DIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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you're hot. lol

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u r fucked upp!!!

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I don't either

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haha your gay