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Today, it's either be alone and miserable, or go on shitty dates and be miserable. I have no other options. FML
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OP here--I'm quite happy with my life otherwise; I have great family, a place to live and food to eat, a job I really like. I'm just very lonely. However, in my experience with dating sites, I get very frustrated because many of the dates go nowhere (because of many different reasons, many of them objectively pertaining to the other party). I do not go out to bars/clubs, and even though I have a number of activities outside the house, they are majority female (kickboxing, walking group, female friends that don't know a lot of single males, etc). I feel like I'm really missing that special someone in my life, and want to do all I can to find him, but "dating" is just making me feel worse and worse about myself (over multiple years). So literally, I have no other choice that to be unhappy (in this area) and alone, or be horribly uncomfortable on dates with strangers (which are indeed few and far between to begin with). So **** all of you for saying i deserve it. maybe with some background you'll understand that character limitations don't show the whole story.

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Hey OP. I know dating sucks. I'm a guy, and I have to contend with the fact that 90% of men in online dating websites come off as crazy creeps. It makes every time I try and message someone an effort to demonstrate that I'm neither creepy nor crazy, while simultaneously keeping my messages short so I don't come off as desperate either. When it comes to online dating, it's a numbers game. You'll go on 20 shitty dates for every 1 good date. For when it comes to that, my aunt gave me a solid piece of advice on dating. A lot of people make really bad first impressions, but they're actually decent people. Give anyone who you don't immediately find distasteful or unattractive 3 dates. If by the 3rd date you don't care to see them again, don't bother. She said she's had lots of good relationships and dates that she would have passed up if she didn't follow this rule. Be patient OP.

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Try and see the bright side of everything and keep your head up


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Try and see the bright side of everything and keep your head up

I agree. There's always other options.

Glass is half full- she has a good personality Half empty- I'm going to need a lot more beer.

looking in the bright side can only go so far, OP you need to learn to love yourself. work on being ok with you otherwise whos going to wanna be with you?

Don't worry, OP. Eventually you will find somebody! For now just try to enjoy being single!

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Or at least try to have fun on the dates negative nancy!

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No, OP won't.. at least not with that attitude. Sucha pessimistic.

You don't need somebody else to make you happy. I know that sounds cliché, but if you aren't happy on your own then how do you expect to make somebody else happy? Just look on the bright side and enjoy yourself.

Try to have a nice time at dates ^-^ Things can all be in your mind set OP

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You can realize that you don't need a partner to be happy.

Someone needs an attitude adjustment! See the silver lining

You could always play online games and make other people miserable...

Isn't that what she's doing here, already?

If you weren't so boring or depressing the dates wouldn't be so shitty. Try being an optimist.