By yvon la moto - 06/11/2015 10:26 - Spain - Madrid

Today, I set my car's speed to 125km/h to pass the speed camera announced by a road sign. Sure of myself, for a laugh I flipped the bird as I went by. When the flash went off, I realised that the speed limit was 110 km/h, not the usual 130 km/h. FML
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You 100% deserve this just for being a smartass about it.

No offence O.P but you were kinda asking for it...


You 100% deserve this just for being a smartass about it.

Karma's a quick bitch sometimes.

But still hilarious

I don't always flip off speed cameras, but when I do, I make sure that I'm speeding.

No offence O.P but you were kinda asking for it...

Some offense, because he was totally asking for it.

No way you're getting out of that one.

Yes because speed cameras love donuts.

That's what you get. I'm sure whoever sees this picture taken will have the last laugh.

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Nothing to be proud of.

If you are speeding like hell, then you most certainly are not being mindful of others.

If true skill involves missing a large portion of your brainpower, then I agree.

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63 - Are you really calling 100 mph fast? You must be one of those people who thinks you're cool for driving a Mustang or a "tricked out" Civic or something. As for your question, well, everybody. Speed limits are there for a reason. You never know when someone is going to be around a corner, or if something is going to break in your car. When something like that happens to you I hope nobody else is around to get collected in your mess. But hey, if you'd rather risk injury or worse just to get home a few minutes sooner, go right ahead. We'll just let natural selection do its job.

0 respect for people who refuse to abide by driving laws. Endanger yourself all you want on your own time, but driving puts others' lives in your hands. Nobody can say they've never broken the speed limit, or any other laws concerning road safety, but to make it a habit and boast about it is gross. Look further than your own nose and be responsible.

My cousin was killed by a speeding driver, something went wrong and sent his car spinning out of control right into my cousins mini killed him outright, I hate people like you "oh I speed all the time never been caught but don't worry I'm careful" fuck you, that's what the driver said when he came out of the coma "I don't know what went wrong I usually go that speed and i'm usually really mindful"

Pretty much everyone on here seems mindlessly attached to the notion that speeding is inherently dangerous, so don't let all the downvotes get you down haha. And yeah radar detectors are amazing, I had a valentine 1 for a while and it saved my butt multiple times. Expensive but worth it.

Speeding is not, by itself, dangerous, but it is a massive hazard multiplier. On an empty road, in good driving conditions, and on a road that is designed for high speed driving, it can be a blast. Don't forget though that something can go wrong in the blink of an eye, and if you're ton up, you've got no time to react. Reaction time is the biggest killer out there.

good idea posting this lets hope a cop sees it

Please stay off the roads or start being responsible.

Amen...grow up or stay home...many of us have children or close friends that could become a victim of your "don't give a fuck" attitude.

15 km/h makes such a difference on a 110 highway. it's 2015, we were doing these speeds in the 1970s ffs

That's the law of karma at work! Put a smart-ass attitude into the world and the universe will send a ton of shit your way. Tough nut OP.

You kind of deserve it for being that cocky.

Don't usually say this but YDI for being a smartass, and overly cocky