By 1942Ford - 07/05/2016 14:08 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I'm getting a medical scan, so I had to drink a barium shake for breakfast. It was so disgusting that I puked it back up. Now I have to drink another one. FML
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OP here - can't believe this got published! I kept the second nasty shake down and survived the scan, only to have cramps and diarrhea the whole rest of the day. I really know how to party on a Saturday, don't I? They did the scan because I've been having abdominal pain. Should have the results next week, hope it turns out to be nothing!

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Sir_Cow 17

Might be rust considering you're a car from 1942.

Those are god awful, hopefully everything was good in the scan!


Those are god awful, hopefully everything was good in the scan!

those are like liquid chalk, I'm so sorry op

That sucks, OP! Too bad they are a necessity for these scans. Hope the results were fine, though!

What I had done once was pinch my nose and tried to not let it touch my tongue.

if I have to drink something that awful I simply close my eyes, cover my nose, and ingest the whole thing in a single shot.

I had a Barium swallow a couple of years back. my drink was fruity and I loved it!

Either you're an unusual case or OP needs whatever shake you were drinking.

Perhaps the flavours offered are different around the world... I hope the tests came back with the desired outcome though

man, those things taste terrible. having to drink the second one + the puke taste in your mouth.... the last gross drink i had for a medical test I could mix with sparkling flavoured water so it was palatable. thankfully. hope your test results come back good!

But did you puke up the 2nd shake as well?? We need a follow up!

As someone who has had to drink about 4 of these, each one you tried to drink them, you at least dry heave. They are absolutely terrible. Incredibly chalking.

I had to do that several times so the doctors could figure out I had Crohn's. They never get easier to drink. I know they try to make it not taste good so people don't abuse it, but when it tastes so bad that the people who need it can't stomach it, you're doing something wrong.

I've had a few procedures for my Crohn's and the only way I could drink the prep was through a straw and mixed with some kind of juice like apple or white grape. It helped to make it really, really cold too and fill empty water bottles to see my progress.

TabooSushi 24

I had to have CT scans every month for a year after an injury when I was 15, and I could never drink that crap the normal way. I puked twice before my mom had to force them to make into a kool-aid type drink that they gave me when I was in the ER the very first time so that I wouldn't puke it back up. They argued that they only do that for ER patients, but my mom told them that unless they wanted me there all day just puking up the regular stuff over and over, they better make an exception. In a magnificent display of timing, I barfed again. They made an exception pretty quick. Looking back now that I'm older, I'm 99% sure that barium liquid is the reason I can't swallow after giving oral without gagging. That stuff is basically the same as drinking a man's "stuff."

Jillene 8

I had the same thing happen to me. Good luck!!