By Anonymous - 27/06/2015 19:58

Today, I wore flip-flops to work. Just as I walked onto the elevator, they made a sound very close to that of a fart. About 10 seconds later, some asshole let out a silent but deadly fart, earning me a bunch of disgusted looks. FML
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Sorry OP, but that's pretty damn genius.

Don't be shy let it fly


Sorry OP, but that's pretty damn genius.

it was literally an asshole that farted too this guy thought of everything

Come now, OP. There's no need to blame your fart on innocent flip-flops. They didn't do anything to you.

Don't be shy let it fly

hoosiergirl94 31

That's what you get for wearing flip flops to work

What?? she said...rookie mistake! Gotta be professional 100% of the time!!

Could be worse. They could have been wearing crocs.

thank you! what kind of job do you have where you have to use an elevator but can get away with flip flops?

CEO... That's the kind of job role that allows you to wear flip flops!

I was thinking op may work at the mall at an American Eagle of something. I still wouldn't think he'd be allowed to wear flip flops though. In a lot of places you're not supposed to wear flip flops for safety reasons. I wasn't allowed to wear them in the retail store I worked at for that reason.

I normally wear heels to work, but I have a bone disease, so on the rare occasion I'll switch to flip flops part way through the day when the pain is bad. They're glitzy though and no one has an issue. I'm a software dev.

most developer jobs don't give a damn about what you wear. that's one of the reasons I love my field.

He had the chance, and he took it.

Lol guess you deserved it

He saw his opportunity to blame his stank on you, and he seized it like a champ. FYL, OP

Shitty situation

Hey don't worry about it, you know you're not the one who did it.