By lizlala - 28/07/2014 17:34 - Norway - Sarpsborg

Today, I had a 5 hour exam. The exam guard had clearly eaten something funky, because she kept burping loudly. When I thought it couldn't get any worse, she started farting. FML
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lizlala tells us more.

lizlala 15

Hi! I'm the OP! Thanks for the comments :) The exam did actually go well, even with the distractions :P The reason nobody said anything was probably because 1) it would be super awkward to sit through the rest of the exam 2) as soon as the test was done, you had to leave the classroom (no talking as it could distract others still taking the test) 3) Talking/laughing/moving could be seen as cheating (and nobody wants to be thrown out of a final test that can only be taken once a year) Everyone was sending eachother "please let this stop"-looks, though XD (The guard on the other hand, was just pretending like nothing)

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Did he burp and fart in morse code? 1-B, 2-D, 3-A...

I hope you passed (your test, that is)!


Well at least she didn't poop herself

as far as you know

sounds like a stinky situation. Get that lady some Gas-X!

Sounds like your comment is in the shitter.

yeah, oh well. I don't give two "*****"

Must have been hard to take the test, huh? Well that sucks, hope you did good on the though, OP.

JMichael 25

I would of been laughing so hard I'd have to be escorted out of the building.

That would have probably saved you from the gas.

Laughing/talking/whispering is considered cheating and would most likely get you thrown out and your exam failed.

It must of been a gassy situation.

Okay, not only did you try to twist the most overused phrase in the history of FML, but you didn't bother to make it sound good. It doesn't flow.

Are you trying to get dislikes?


Your username and icon really fit your comment #4...

Well its natural ...

When your teacher is producing the chemicals for chemical warfare, it aint 'natural'.

She wanted the students out as quickly as possible, and she wasn't afraid to bring out the biological weapons. She's genius.

FroggerForReal 11

Lol. I would've just turned the other way and used my hands as a filter so I could take the test calmly.

with no hands?

That's dis-gas-ting!

For all we know, it could have been a chemistry exam & the gaurd was trying to help them out. Nobel gases r hard to remember.

Nobel or Taco Bell?

start throwing gas-x pills at her and wait for her to get the hint.

DeltaDragonxx 20

that's what putting your nose in your shirt if for. Anyway, 5+ hour exams already suck, hope you did good!

downvote for the dog? dont see the logic here.