By Lootz - 03/05/2009 17:10 - United States

Today, I went to my girlfriend's sorority formal, we were both drunk. We went into the bathroom, she started to give me head. After about 30 seconds the song changes and she jumps up and goes out to dance, leaving me there. Door open. Penis out. It was the song she requested. FML
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lmao, that sucks balls :-p

Ouch. But she was drunk.


Oh man, that sucks. I guess next time you're down on her stop 1/2way through when she's enjoying it.

Now that is comedy!

hahaha I like this for some reason lol

your face looks like a pig... oink oink :-P

That's not very nice..

lmao, that sucks balls :-p

pu13 5

lmao that sucks man double post

asoptavlo14 6

Lmao that sucks man Combo Breaker.

lmao, that sucks balls :-p

Ouch. But she was drunk.

I'd have to agree with her.

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what about other sorority sisters?.. they wouldn't have minded either, I'm sure... finish giving u head that is. lol

So what's it like having a girlfriend who's a complete whore?

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sucks dude

He's doing better than most guys.....

Gotta agree with #8 there.