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Today, I went to get food, I was late so my friend ordered for me. I took a few bites and it was getting hard to breathe. I realized it's a bluebery muffin, I'm deathly allergic. I look to my friend, she was laughing saying she wanted to see if it was true. I just got out of the hospital. FML
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I don't get you said your "friend" did that. Anybody who pulls something like that and almost murders you because he believes you're a liar doesn't deserve to be called a friend.

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You should stab her and then tell her that you heard it would kill her and you wanted to see if it was true.


I don't get you said your "friend" did that. Anybody who pulls something like that and almost murders you because he believes you're a liar doesn't deserve to be called a friend.

Actually, my friend is badly allergic to nuts and I saw one of her friends at school wave a bar of fruit and nut chocolate in her face and try to get her to eat it. Some people are just a little slow, is all.

A little slow?? Allergies can be really serious! That bitch needs to learn a lesson.

Somehow I'd call assault and battery or however you want to call it when you intentionally try and get somebody with an allergy to eat said item not just "being slow".

its people like this that mean I cant take pistachios or anything to school.... >:(

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That would be premiditated if she was trying to "see if it was true" so I say press charges, or at least make her pay your medical bill

I agree! Or, if you wanna go ott, accuse her of pre meditated murder!

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Ydi for not noticing it was a blueberry muffin, how do you NOT see and when you take a bite how do you NOT taste it?

This sucks, and your "friend" sounds like the type of person who wouldn't actually realise how serious it is either. "Oh no, you're fine! It's not like you died or anything."

#53, I agree with the how did OP not see that there were blueberries (although I've seen some blueberry muffins that look like chocolate chip because the blueberries are tiny and withered and disgusting, so that might have been the case). But as for not tasting it, when I react to tree nuts (it's mostly only been hazelnuts, but I've run into pecans before too), I NEVER taste them. Most people can tell if there's nuts in a cake or chocolate (like a nut creme filling) by just tasting it. I don't know until I react about 5 seconds later.

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"to see if it was true" unlike this made up story. Get a life

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Yeah. But most nuts are tasteless. A blueberry muffin defintely has more flavor.

I agree with #53. Blueberry muffins are pretty obvious. I've never seen one that didn't have blueberries right there on the surface. How you could eat the muffin before noticing the blueberries is beyond me, YDI.

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It's not the OP's fault that she's retarded and doesn't look before she eats.

I agree! Press charges!! What a stupid bitch.

.... not even assault and battery. That's being NICE, 13. You could probably easily charge that "friend" with attempted murder!!!

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There are always posibilities, such as, she stuffed the blue berries after she had the muffin cooked so the scent wouldn't be so noticable. Also, since she's so allergic to blueberries, she hasn't smelled any blueberries in a while, so she doesn't know the scent.

Hear that? Women backstabbing other women? It's true. Women suck. They're sneaky, lying, hateful little witches which is why I only make friends with other tomboys and men. Let the other girls call me a ***** for hanging out with the guys, I don't give a shit. At least I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure my girly friends aren't plotting behind my back. Men are much more trust worthy and yeah, maybe they might forget about an allergy or something and give me something with coconut in it, but at least they're genuinely sorry afterwards. They're not like, "so you ARE allergic to coconuts, SCORE." Men, in my experience, make better friends than women. Kudos to you for pointing that out, pimpin88.

how do you not see its blueberries tho??

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if you're deathly allergic.. shouldn't you know how to spell blueberry??

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ya. to the person who sent this FML, you should give here expired food.

86 you're an idiot what's so unbelievable about this story? op's friend is just a douche bag it wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened

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they deserved nearly dying? -_- some blueberry muffins look like chocolate chip.

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I'm deathly allergic to blueberries as well and my male friends do that to me all the time. They're just joking about because they know I check my food, but stupid can be either gender, 235.

what a bad friend you should do the same thing to your friend then never speak to that person again

what if her friend is not allergic to anything

Make a muffin and fill it with A Naga Jolokia Pepper or something.. Let that bitch burrnnnnn!!

no one else thinks OP should have been able to see that it was a blueberry muffin? I mean, really? Next to banana nutt its the most recognizable muffin, I have to go with YDI and FYL cause looking at what you eat or not, it was premeditated. . .

Um, did I misread or does that say friend?

It's okay. You can swear on the internet. No one's going to scrub your mouth out with soap.

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I didn't realize you can use so many symbols to spell 'bitch'.

How about reporting her for attempted murder?

Did you not notice those little blue things in the muffin?

agreed.... blueberry muffins tend to have blueberries visible in them! YDI for being unobservant about what you eat

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I've had PLENTY of blueberry muffins where even after I examined them (because I hate blueberries) I thought they were chocolate chip. Maybe you've just never seen those kinds but the blueberries are tiny and black looking.

You're right, I haven't. I'll trust you on that, although the blueberries usually leave some blue-ness around in the muffin... That and the taste.

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Well if I was deathly allergic to something, I would make damn sure I didn't eat it.

maybe he thought it was chocolate, seriously the blue is like really ******* dark so you don't really know until you taste it

It says that the OP is late, so I'm assuming they were in a rush and they probably started eating as soon as they sat down. OP probably trusted the friend not to try and kill him or her, so they didn't feel the need to check.

Kay you're an idiot. If you are deathly allergic like you say you then you should always check your food, and seriously you couldn't tell that there were blueberries in it? I mean its not like they're hidden or anything.

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Well, I think she considered the person a friend so there was some trust there, so thats probably why she wouldn't check. Of course, the friend turned out to be incredibly stupid. Anyways, OP should have been like.. I heard you're deathly allergic to bullets so....

How in the heck was this person able to hide blueberries from you? They have a distinct smell and look. Since you claim you are deathly allergic, you should have recognized what it was in the muffin. After you slap her with a civil suit for your medical costs, she won't be laughing anymore. That is, if this is actually true.

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you're deathly allergic? if u actually were you'd say you were anaphalactic (can't spell the word but you get my point.

Why would you say that if nobody will know what it means though, I mean you can't even spell it. Deathly allergic is more universal and easy for anyone to understand.

Probably because this person doesn't commonly eat blueberries and didn't expect their friend to try and kill him/her.