By cakekiller - United States
Today, there was a big cake at the office. I thought it was funny to pretend to push the cute girl in the office into it. She laughed, but then lost her balance and fell forward. Everyone saw. Turns out she’s allergic to coconut, even just the shavings on a cake, and had to go to the hospital. FML
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  gummibehrs  |  4

#41, both me and my mother are allergic to coconuts. It's not uncommon. I can't even have coconut-flavored foods or drinks.
My skin turned red, itchy, and blotchy just from drinking Malibu rum.

By  RyeBreadBoy  |  0

technically, if you pushed her, and then she lost her balance and fell, you didn't just "pretend" to push her into the cake. you actually pushed her into the cake, whether you meant to or not.