By cakekiller - 29/09/2009 18:40 - United States

Today, there was a big cake at the office. I thought it was funny to pretend to push the cute girl in the office into it. She laughed, but then lost her balance and fell forward. Everyone saw. Turns out she’s allergic to coconut, even just the shavings on a cake, and had to go to the hospital. FML
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I agree, number 1. OP, you shouldn't have done that you asshole.

anniemeece 23

Yeah. I never get why people think that that "would be funny."

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Because supposedly pushing cute girls into cakes gets you laid -_-

dcbog123 0

Dude, who the **** is allergic to coconuts?

doof_fisch 2

What are you talking about? He never said it was a "lay-her" cake.

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LOL good job asshole, that was a great idea from the start

SHE thought it was funny, so you're good. It'll be a fun story to tell your kids later!

#41, both me and my mother are allergic to coconuts. It's not uncommon. I can't even have coconut-flavored foods or drinks. My skin turned red, itchy, and blotchy just from drinking Malibu rum.

yeah...bastard. don't tell got her a "get well" cake didn't you?

holy ****! cant any of you read is says "pretend to push her" then she lost her balance on her own

SailorSolaris 43

#27, Yeah, when I read that, I usually end up hitting YDI.

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how can you PRETEND to push someone?? ha and wow. PS. Lol at cakekiller!

the same kinda thing happened with me and my sister, except she was trying to play 'saved your life' on me while we were on the top of a mountain. FML.. and OP, FYL.

I still remember a time in elementary school when I jokingly gave a guy a nudge, and he clumsily fell over. FYL.

I remember that time on elementary school where that dick pushed me and....HEY!

why would you push someone into a cake in the first place :l

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are you in elementary school or something? i mean, who pushes a girl he finds cute? you better also pull her hair and pull down her skirt or whatever.

technically, if you pushed her, and then she lost her balance and fell, you didn't just "pretend" to push her into the cake. you actually pushed her into the cake, whether you meant to or not.

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lmao!! I was thinking the same thing about the elementary thing! Like wow, someone never got advice on how to flirt. lol. wooooooww!!