By Anonymous - 20/06/2009 11:13 - Switzerland

Today, I was having sex with a girl. Things were getting pretty hot, so I decided to smack her butt. I missed. I smacked my balls instead. Real hard. FML
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I'm trying to imagine the position you must have been in to make smacking her butt and your balls both possible options


I'm trying to imagine the position you must have been in to make smacking her butt and your balls both possible options

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Yea what #1 said, i'm still trying to figure out the position... =/

Fucking her from behind somehow, but his hand would have to go like through his legs, which is weird anyways...

she could have been on top, and he could have been reaching from behind her and swung his hand as he was in mid thrust. Have to have had pretty awful aim tho

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Yea...Im questioning which position they would have to have been in, Im thinking maybe she was on top facing him but still for him to miss that badly he must have terrible aim.

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I am also trying to imagine the position.... I think I have one in mind but...I just don't know how you would manage that, either way FAIL

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ahahahaha nice!!! that wuz funny.

Even if she was on top, he'd have to go through his legs. How'd you pull that one off, Sparky? O.o

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your a sick SOB ! I like your style

LOL thats pretty funny, and probably true

im trying to imagine why ur compelled to lie. were u like upside down screwing in mid air cause theres NO way u can accomplish smacking ur balls because u missed her ass, which is right there btw. next time u do something kinky like a slap go small and rest ur hand on her ass then smack by forcing ur palm down not just a dive bomb hit. and kinky doesnt always make it better when its steamy. btw the only other way i can think of u doing this is by trying to smack from the bottom of her ass and thats like a lift.... WTH man? definitly ur F***ing fault.


maybe they were doing some strange form of doggy style ?

maybe she's crazy-anorexic skinny with a tiny ass XD

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HAHAHAHA this comment made me laugh harder than the fml did!

its ok my friend did that to himself too. and btw the position is kind of 69/spooning combo.

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yea that kinda impossible to miss and hit yourself in any position

okay, that explanation requires a diagram. how could you... what?

THANK YOU captain obvious for giving an entire paragraph

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Wow, either u have giant balls, or u are desperately in need of surgery to put them in their natural place. How the hell did u manage to do that!?

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really man, wat position wud u be in?

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I FIGURED IT OUT. Girl NOT on top, Jesus Christ my boyfriend is like the clumsiest thing on Earth (I have been spanked EVERYWHERE) and not even he can do that. THEY WERE STANDING UP. Guy against the wall, holding his girl by the hips, etc, he goes to smack her, aims a little low, POW, auto-ball-hit.

maybe he was ******* a real flexable girl and she was bent around. maybe hes got really long arms. however its possible tht sucks. probubly ruined the moment

#1 she was probably on top of him and he moved his hand backwards through her legs and into his balls

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XD there we go, a good explanation

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering.

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Haha. This same exact thing happened when I was riding my boyfriend.. I told him to smack my ass. And he ended up smacking his nuts instead.. Lemme tell you.. Instant boner kill for him. Lol

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HA! OMG! That was the funniest thing I've read all day!

haha sorry but that is hilarious, that girl must not realize she's a real ballbuster.

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that blows and I agree with #1.

BAHAHAHA I modded this one. You, sir, are an idiot.

wow why are you bragging that you moderated it?

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Really needed that ego boost, huh craigahh?

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A couple of people have already told you you're an idiot. I've known a few idiots, and none of them has ever done that. You, sir, are a /moron/.