Today, I tried to flirt with some firefighters. They were too focused on the fire to notice my hints. FML

By Alyssasgoneawol - / Saturday 24 December 2016 09:33 / United States
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  manofmerr  |  27

While i would use different language, his point is not a invalid one. While "funny" is a decidedly subjective thing, when this many people agree that something is really not funny, than it probably isn't funny. With that said, from what i can tell, the flaw is perhaps more in the selection process, since im assuming most popular wins, but after 200 thumbs up, it doesn't show how much (im using android, might be different for apple or website) more than 200 there are. Sorta assuming people will still like what they like, but still a noteable flaw.

  manofmerr  |  27

You're perhaps more the exception than the rule, but thats fine too. I assumed quite a few people found this funny for it to have gotten chosen, its just that alot of people (myself among them) who think there were better ones. I suppose the annoying fact that people who are dissatisfied are more likely to comment than people who are satisfied should also be noted. Not that makes what they say any less valid.