By Celeste - 02/03/2010 09:14 - Singapore

Today, I fell asleep in a taxi. So did the taxi driver. FML
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I hear pudding in the hospital is real good.

hope the meter wasn't running lol that's an expensive ride!


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choose the korean driverz they have reserve driver at the chunk

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Well, did the taxi driver make you pay?

Bihero, that was so racist.. But it's true. We Korean drivers have backup; we're just that cool.

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how does that even happen??

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worst fml ever that would never happen. the sucked ballzzzzz

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cuz with billions of people in the world not one taxi driver would ever fall asleep while they had a passnger in the cab....yeah it could happen probably didn't get enough sleep..... op:fyl hope you are ok

It's completely plausible, it isn't that hard to fall asleep while driving if you're tired

I'm going out with a korean(: he's sexy as hell. Koreans ftw!

It can actually happen to anyone who is really tired. It happened to me when I was driving home at 4am. I was super tired and just fell asleep behind the wheel. OP I hope you walked away unhurt unlike me

Wait.... WTF? Do you mean he fell asleep as in with YOU or just innocently? Sh!t...

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Did u end up in heaven?and did this fml in heaven?^^computers in heaven...

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hahaha seriously uu need to finish tha story I wanna Kno tha rest of it

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had no idea Singapore was heaven :D

@96 We also serve complimentary 똥 (food) in our cabs. Enjoy.

@59 lol that would make a great reality show :)

yea u wake up wit ur shirt up n ur **** hurt n the cab driver wakes up exhausted lol

I hear pudding in the hospital is real good.

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so what OP? at least you werent touched(or were you?)/raped.

Yea that's what I was thinking... Either way def an FML as both could have gotten killed, though if it was in a parking lot or something that wouldn't have been nearly as bad

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I beat he was awake in his dream....haha or nightmare ???

I think you actually have something to sue over.

Hell no it wouldn't happen in NYC because the driver would kick you out after he drives aimlessly so that he could overcharge you. trust me I KNOW!!!

that's not an fml at all that's just ****** up

tht is def an fml...wonder wat he did before he fell asleep