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Today, my parents favoritism towards my brother really shone through when we moved house and he got the nicest and by far biggest room. I wouldn't mind, but my brother is in college overseas and never comes home. FML
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Stay there while he's gone? Maybe your parents can compromise


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Or maybe they're just compensating in their own weird way. They might be painfully missing him.

I can think of a few things parents could do with an empty spacious room.

Hmmmmmaybe they're trying to tell you something?

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Who gives a shit if you didn't get a nice, big room? I may sound a little cliche, but coming from a guy that shared a room with his father until he was 15 because we were too poor for a three bedroom house, be ******* glad that you have one.

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Insane? What the hell is that? I didn't know that sharing an experience with someone to show them they shouldn't be so upset was considered an insane act. Who made this guy apart of FMLs staff? lol.

It would have bugged you if there was an empty room in your house up for grabs and you still had to share with your father, wouldn't it? Similar thing here. OP is happy with their room otherwise ("I wouldn't mind, but...") but why not give them the better room that's wasted otherwise?

Stay there while he's gone? Maybe your parents can compromise

Well tell your parents how you feel and if they disagree or are immature about it then forget em

It honestly doesnt make sense. FYL OP, I knpw how that feels

Me too! It's crap. But don't waste your energy getting mad (it won't get you anywhere) focus it on you and stay positive.

Maybe they're just trying to entice him to come back home? Either way, I suggest you start looking at faraway schools as well. =/