By jhughes1997 - / Monday 17 June 2013 01:39 / United States - Decatur
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By  Steffi  |  26

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  thandidavis  |  16

How's that offensive? If I were to call someone who was mentally disabled a retard I feel like that would be offensive...you even use "mentally disabled" instead of "retard".

  Mr_Satan  |  11

48 - Using the word "retarded" as an insult is not a recent thing. Besides that, by definition, insults are offensive. It's the whole goddamn point.

Is it better to say dumb ass? Shit for brains? Witless, dull, dense, or brainless?

No! It doesn't fucking matter. All of that, including retarded, means below average intelligence. So get the fuck over this PC bullshit.