By Sybil90 - United States
Today, a bee flew in my car so I swerved off the road and hit a mailbox. It was a metal keg filled with cement buried in the ground. Taking my father's advice I fled the scene. Later my mailman knocked on my door holding part of my bumper. He said "Excuse me, I think you hit my mailbox this morning." FML
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  Godless50  |  0

OP...ever heard of the bee sting syndrome? basically, since most people have only been stung by bees when they were kids, it gets stuck in their heads that its gonna hurt WAAAAAY worst than it actually time dont be such a pussy and just let it sting you, you'll be suprised

  popoman  |  0

I don't care if you're allergic to bees. There are better ways of avoiding being stung than swerving your car into the mailbox. Furthermore, you hit the mailbox and fled the scene with complete disregard for the owner of the mailbox.

1. You're a horrible driver.
2. You're a horrible person.

Imagine if this was on a different street with more traffic. You could have hit a pedestrian or another vehicle.

By  katatak  |  0

she didn't say out of the way of the bee, she just said she swerved off the road. She is probably afraid of bees, and didn't want to get stung, so she became distracted. She didn't do it to spare the bee's life.

  perdix  |  29

Cement is a componet of concrete.

To make concrete, you mix cement with aggregate (gravel, sand, ash, etc.), water and maybe some chemicals.

  DeTard  |  0

Ya know, even if it was actually cement, it would still do damage, right? Maybe you have never seen it, but I have seen a car drive through several bags of cement that fell onto the interstate before and totaled their car as a result. No, cement isn't the same as concrete, technically speaking, but it's still something that would damage your car if you drove through it.

By  plutosaplanet  |  0

ok ready. a bee flew into her car. swerving the car would not help avoid hitting a bee inside the car. but if something is in your car you may be distracted and swerve.

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