By mywillyisdisappointed - United States
Today, I went out with a girl I've been dating. I dropped her off and she finally asked me if I wanted to come in. When I did, she asked me to change a light bulb in her kitchen, and then promptly sent me home. FML
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  JayGatsby  |  25

What, is OP going to be like "well I helped you change your lightbulb, sooo you owe me sex"? It's a good thing he helped her out, but she doesn't owe him, it's a favor.

  aperron96  |  18

Lmao alright, does picking on strangers on the Internet make you guys feel good? Your parents should be proud. I made a pun, didn't quite hit it right and now you're being a dick. ??

  NickACD  |  27

Maybe sex is a way to closer to someone on a physical level. Maybe OP has been dating her for a few months and wanted to take their relationship to the next step. Maybe you're a little dumbass.

  lysx84  |  24

I'm thinking #7 has an odd view on sex. When I was dating I was firstly looking for a friendship, secondly looking for a physical compatibility, then an emotional connection. While I appreciate that these 3 things may have different importance or priority to each individual, my point is that while "dating" I'd expect sex at some point... Not "greedy" at all.

  RedPandax  |  23

Not all relationships strive off sex. Some people have a low libdo, are uncomfortable with it, or want to remain chaste until marriage. Dating shouldn't guarantee sex, but it's nice to have. Wanting sex isn't greedy, unless you've only been dating for a little bit. It's how humans are, and wanting sex isn't a bad thing, but pressuring and expecting it from your partner is a little rude. If you did something for someone, they don't "owe" you. Expecting it will lead to disappointment more likely than not. Not expecting it might lead to a pleasant surprise sometime.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Yeah, by that statement and username, I am certain that "crudeandrudeguy" definitely chases after girls with amazing personalities. He should take a look at himself.