By This girl - 19/12/2011 18:01 - United States

Today, I was walking down the street, when I slipped and fell on a patch of ice. It wasn't all that embarrassing, until I walked two more feet and slipped again. The second time, a man pulled over and loudly asked if I was drunk. FML
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Don't drink and walk.

Torva_fml 16

Well I can't drive home, what do you suggest I do? Do cart wheels all the way home?!?


It's ok OP. I'm clumsy too so I tend to fall a lot. People have asked me the same thing many times. So you're not the only one(:

xSonic 9

Just for fun, you should have yelled at him and threaten to call the police!

flockz 19

maybe you shouldn't be walking around in ice skates.

I will wear ice skates as I wish!

Horcruxer 0

Jus drugged up

You could invest in bubble wrap, learn how to avoid ice or buy ice skates.

KiddNYC1O 20

AFV candidate over here.

ppl these days...

Well, were you?

If he was in fact drunk (I highly doubt this) then he sure had a brief hangover!

... I bet you were :)

wowthatsuckslmao 1

As I was reading this I thought of that Cee Lo Green song.