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Today, I was in a Zumba class with a young woman in her 20s and an older woman in her 80s. I couldn't keep up with either one of them. FML
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KeannaLove 32

Excactly. That's what it's there for. To have fun, not be I'm competition with other people.

Dude zumba is intense. Just keep up the work, friend!

Zumba is about having fun. Don't push yourself too hard, mate. :)

Zumba classes are intense dance classes that go through various music genres until you pass out.

Stay in the class, you'll get better :)

amanda_say_whutt 9

I recently started Zumba it's really intense but you'll get better, stick with it. It's definitely worth it.

inomnomdinosaurs 4

Maybe, eventually, you will be able to go all out. First time I went I barely did anything but laugh...had no idea what I was doing. But as I kept going I started to get my head around individual moves and full routines and my fitness levels were rising and I started to be able to get a lot more out of the classes. 11 months on I'm at 6 classes a week, front row centre and loving every minute. Just keep going back and just enjoy yourself :)

pinkcrayola 0

Sorry but you posted on the wrong one. :/

I think we've established that he posted on the wrong fml.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I don't know about that, 32. I think we're going to need more evidence in the form of more people repeating the same thing.

^^^ This comment: Shit trolling or really shit trolling?

#2 your comment makes u seem as though YOU'RE suffering from brain damage lol ... but one FML down :p

kittenvks 11

What the hell, why not? You have the wrong FML friend.... What?! Everyone else was doing it!

See guys? Told you 58 is always being buried lmao

The only way to kill a troll is to bury it you know.

jackrileymac 4
EmperorXing 0

Hey man. Zumba is really hard when you first start. Dont quit! It gets really fun!

I agree! Everyone has to start off somewhere. At least it can't get worse.

yoursucklives 36

i'm taking a zumba class and i can't imagine that a woman in her 80s could do that. you really must be out of shape!

Yeah, it's a bit too strenuous for old people, I would think...

GoW_Chick 14

...or the eighty year old is really in shape, don't count them out yet just because they're older, I've seen ladies that old doing all sorts of "younger" people activities.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

There are many 80 year olds who can do things younger people probably can't. Both sets of my grandparents lived well into their 90s, and never stopped exercising or limiting their mobility. They might have been old, but they never acted like it. I think it depends on overall quality of life and health throughout it, as well as genes. That said, I have to say I don't often see such vibrant elderly people in the US. Look at Japan's old grannies and feel the shame!

Lol @ "Japan's old grannies." New favorite phrase =D

When I ran my first marathon I got passed up by dozens of hardcore older men and women. Don't underestimate them.

Yeah, old people are running marathons and pushing people into bushes.

I've taught many people that are older in my Zumba classes....don't knock old people! They keep up with me!

My neighbor just finished a huge addition to his house, and he's 93. As long as you have what it takes, you can do anything at any age.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Well, I guess that's why you are in the zumba class. Soon you will be able to keep up with 80-yr olds OP... then you'll have some bragging rights...

taytay7878 0

Just keep practicing and you'll get it

The object of Zumba class is to get in shape and have fun doing it. Once you get uses to the routine, it'll get easier.

mama2b3 20

80? That's a little discouraging I'm sure but just stick with it, I'm sure you'll get better with time.

at least your doing something. good for you!!

i have a rope in my garage if you need it?

mama2b3 20

A rope for op to trip the other people with, thus making themselves look better?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

37- Because donating other people's blood at a blood drive is just lovely?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Psshhh, the picture changed. Sneaky!

bizarre_ftw 21

It was an Insanity Wolf meme that said "Go to a blood drive. Donate other people's blood." But I changed it to one of me before I even saw that he said anything...

25, I think 14 was talking about using the rope to go into the Zumba class with a lasso like Indiana Jones.