By Anonymous - 24/07/2015 17:59 - Northern Mariana Islands - Saipan

Today, I was telling 3 classmates on Whatsapp about my depression. One of them told me to "nut up n grow a pear." Two hours after we mocked him for being an illiterate jackass, one of us has had our car tires knifed and another's house has been egged. I'm terrified of what will happen to me. FML
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Depression's a serious issue, man, but if you really feel like it, file a police report using your two witnesses of classmates. Hope you get the help you need.

rieebee 23

Pears are yummy, maybe he was offended you didn't want to grow some for him.


Don't argue with a psychopath, its not worth it and I guess now you know better.

chrisbeaudoin 26

How is karma a bitch? All OP wanted was a shoulder to lean on. Depression sucks. I've been battling it since I can remember and let me tell you that it is not easy. Yes, it has been getting better and easier, however, depression can hit like a bomb. One minute we're fine and happy-go-lucky and the next minute we're crying for no reason.

The depression part of this fml isn't really relevant to the story though, is it? It's more like "me and my friends bullied someone and now he's seeking revenge " , hence the karma thing

tarlax 11

^ You're joking, right? The guy who mocked someone that has depression is the victim, and them fighting back against the real bully makes them bullies? Wow. Please don't reproduce.

The depression bit is what turns this story from a YDI to a FML so it's completely relevant. Without it the OP is a dick who turned on his classmate for no good reason. With it, it's obvious that the classmate is shitty at being a friend and and even worse at spelling.

So 2 wrongs make a right? That will be a good thing to teach my kid, thank you for that lesson.

tarlax 11

Also 30, if you're gonna play the spooky karma angle, maybe that's just the bully's bad karma catching up to him. 41, the hippie thing was cute.... in the '60s.

Hunkapoo 19

the depression is totally relevant. you don't tell someone who has depression "to nut up and grow a pair". That's more harmful than helpful, people with depression have a hard time picking themselves back up, that's why it's good to confide in friends to help. obviously one of OPs 3 friends he/she confided in either has a bad sense of humour, or isn't a good friend. that and if they are ignorant enough to say that to a depressed person needing support, they better at least spell the insult right.

Two wrongs don't make a right but people need to stand up for themselves

Standing up for yourself would be telling said classmate that that was insensitive and rude and maybe try to explain why. Standing up for yourself is not accomplished by making fun of someone. I'm not defending the actions of the classmate, but I can't condone the behavior of OP in this instance either.

ChopSuey444 20

It says the literal words "We mocked him for being an illiterate jackass." So OP and his classmates began the teasing. Regardless of what OP was talking about, they had picked on someone therefore that someone is picking back. Karma is relevant. OP's post isn't. Depression doesn't make you mock people.

86, the "illiterate jackass" was essentially mocking OP for his depression, so it is in fact relevant.

Not a 'pair', a 'pear'. He is advising op to overcome the depression through the meditational art of gardening. Growing and maintaining a pear tree can be quite fulfilling and satisfying.

86, you are an idiot. The person told the OP, who was depressed, to grow a pear. Thats why they mocked him, because he couldn't spell and was unsympathetic. The egging and slashing wad totally uncalled for. Please, cut off your penis and don't have kids.

#86 What are you, retarded? The classmate mocked the OP for his depression, so the classmate who mocked him was the one who started it. If that jackass was gonna mock somebody for having depression and couldn't use proper grammar in his insult, then he deserved it to get mocked back.

rieebee 23

Pears are yummy, maybe he was offended you didn't want to grow some for him.

That's the bitchiest thing I've ever heard!

Hann0rslovsu 21

Lol, I knew someone would comment something funny about that spelling error

Depression's a serious issue, man, but if you really feel like it, file a police report using your two witnesses of classmates. Hope you get the help you need.

rhcpgurl 18

I have to agree. Most of the time police will side with the person that cried wolf first. In your case however, if you report it first and tell the police that the other 2 were attacked (and lets say afterward something did happen to you), it will be INFINITELY easier for you in the long run. Because you reported it first. Good luck to you.

the guy said to nut up. that's not bad and he should nut up

tarlax 11

I wish we'd get shot of stupid comments like yours. Seriously? "You'll get shot"? What the ****, dude? Smh.

You have some sick classmates. They're the real ones needing help

RexSmith 4

On the plus side, if it turns out to be the so-called 'illiterate jackass", I hope he gets reported to the police and gets what's coming for him. People who flaunt their ignorance about mental illnesses in such a way are one of my pet peeves.

mds9986 24

I'm guessing illiterate was an autocorrect from "inconsiderate"

seriously, yeah depression sucks , but you couldn't just ignore the ass ? he is gonna get you good.

Yeah, depression does suck and when someone is vandalizing OP's property just from needing a "shoulder to cry on," is really far fetched and psychotic. I've been battling depression ever since I was little; it's not something we can "just get over and ignore." Obviously OP is in danger if the other classmates have slashed his tires and egged his house...

OP's property didn't get vandalized because he needed a shoulder to cry on, it got vandalized because he mocked him for being an illiterate jackass

Hunkapoo 19

still, neither situation calls for slashing tires, and egging someones house. and this guy obviously has sine serious issues and sounds dangerous. not something you can ignore easily.

leogachi 15

@25 I believe that comment was suggesting that Op ignore the illiterate jackass and not his depression.

He's an asshole for brushing off depression. And his reaction was really out of proportion. What a madman, you should report him before anything escalates!

It has already escalated though 12. There is no reason to slash someone's tires and egg the house just from depression.

I kinda meant before he starts like knifing people