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Wow I can't believe my FML was posted! I love this site! Just to elaborate so people get the full picture: We were supposed to take turns being the DD each night but they would be drunk by the time we got to the venue so I had no choice but to be DD. I'm okay with drinking and letting loose and don't get in the way of others fun but these girls were rowdy belligerent drunk and I spent the evening ensuring they didn't get themselves into a bad situation and the morning helping their hangovers. Either way these girls are no longer people I associate with.
By canadiangirl98 / Tuesday 11 August 2015 03:07 / Canada - Brampton
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  mergeterge  |  24

Why does this have so many down votes? lol If OP had an issue, they should just announce that they aren't DD and do whatever they want. Worst case scenario, they use public transportation. No big deal.

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