Today, my five year old daughter was watching cartoons on TV. Then a Barbie commercial came on. My daughter sang along with the theme song "Be who you want to be, B-A-R-B-I-E." She then turned to me and said "Mom, I want to be a hooker." FML
By ....... / Tuesday 23 June 2009 17:56 / United States
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  lollipop_girl  |  0

To both people above me: Why do ya'll reply to the first answer if you're not talking about the comment posted, just so you can be at the top!? Comment normally, like the rest of us!! Cunts!!


We all have high/fake aspirations, dumbass. I don't see you commenting about the 'fml' so mind your own buinsess, or that of the person that wants people to agree with his life being fucked, not myne, dipshit.

  UsingLogic  |  0

#127: Just click on the scroll bar on the right of your screen and drag it down, you'll be at the bottom in no time! And the ability to reply to comments was added on this site for a reason, by abusing it you'll just get it removed. (I guess that's why it's not possible to report comments anymore).

Conformism Nazi FTW!

  Monado  |  0

56, he was basically replying to the comments that were Off Topic to the previous comments. He was in no way refeering to the fml at all, but actually doing something that most of the people wern't. Actually making a real reply to the first comment instead of trying to be on top.

  Ms_Thingie  |  0

U can't do that on a ipod touch I keep trying but it dosent do that so it takes a lot of time to scroll down so it's just easier to reply not because to get to the top

  Logica42  |  0

Dude, #215, wtf. When I was five I was using a computer like any adult would. Seriously. Hell, when I was five I knew what the word "fuck" meant (lol navy parents). =/ I definitely knew what a hooker was...

  MrsWorldwide  |  0

She heard it somewhere and has no idea what it means I'm sure. It was just perfect timing that she said that while watching and singing to Barbie. LOL! My kid is 14 and I've heard some seriously "OMG" stuff come out of his mouth without even realzing what he was saying. It sure will be a funny story when she's older. Well, as long as she really doesn't become a hooker. haha.

  dyingtolive77  |  0

this is the story that i came up with that would explain this situation:

the little girl has a babysitter that probably isnt the prettiest girl in the world and who is jealous of the way barbie looks. and when she was babysitting that same commercial came on and the babysitter said that Barbie looks like a hooker without explaining what a hooker so the little girl thinks it is a good thing,

  david12z  |  0

Most of the barbies now are dressed like hookers I saw one In a very short skirt and like a shirt that shows most of the stomach they probably call it the hooker addition

  _FYL_  |  0

Actually they did say first.. it's pretty obvious when someone says "1st"
Anywayz,, wow I bet she probably didn't even know what a hooker is.. at least I hope not!


#4, SERIOUSLY!! you're kidding, you think its cute that this lady's daughter wants to be a Hooker when she grows up...what are you, some sick perverted person who has nothing better to do than think that this is cute? You disgust me

  lawlfyl  |  0

Jesus. Calm down. He didn't think it was cute that she wants to be a hooker. He thought it was cute that she probably has no idea what the hell she's talking about. In a "Kids say the darnest things" type of way. Get the sand out of your vagina.

  pitapizzaparty  |  18

Have you ever been to public school? Regardless of her parenting i highly doubt she would teacher her daughter what a hooker is so stop insulting peoples parenting be a parent yourself and see how hard it is

By  monkeyz0r  |  0

i doubt she really knows what that is guys, besides she probably didnt hear it from her mom, gorsh its probably from friends, school, tv, etc. she doesnt have control over EVERYTHING in her childs life, this is pretty funny though xD

  caligal14  |  0

She didn't actually associate Barbie with a hooker, the song just says 'be what you want to be' (or whatever the lyrics were) and that's what she chose. If she said 'I want to be a doctor' that's not really Barbie either...

  deathbunny256  |  0

Right because when I was 5 I was ready to branch off on my own and take responsibility for my own life. I set off for school where all of my friends knew what hooker meant. Then when I went back to my house I watched some adult TV. Obviously you either dont have kids or never were one. Gorsh.

  itsnotfair  |  0

Umm, Maybe the kid doesn't know what a hooker is and has just heard the term and said 'i want to be a hooker'. When I was little I had no idea what a bitch was but I called my mum one because I heard someone say "You're a bitch" to someone else..maybe a similar thing happened in this situation?